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Hartford man who hired hit man to kill girlfriend who would not abort sentenced to 80 years in prison

by | Jul 31, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

HartfordBryanHallDavis  In June 2013, NRL News Today carried the sad, sad story of Shamari Jenkins, who had planned to name her unborn child Ja’seon Carlton. Although she did not want to have a child by her boyfriend, Carlton “CJ” Bryan and had initially agreed to an abortion, she changed her mind.

That decision cost the 20-year-old woman her life and that of her four-month-old unborn child.

Ms. Jenkins was shot in the chest April 29, 2013, by Matthew Allen Hall-Davis, a hit man hired by Bryan, as Jenkins sat behind the wheel of her Honda Accord, in Hartford, Connecticut’s North End, according to the Hartford Courant. At the time WFSB reported that the bullet traveled through her torso. “She was rushed to Saint Francis Hospital where she was pronounced dead.”

This past May a jury convicted Bryan of conspiracy to commit murder and being an accessory to murder.

Yesterday Bryan was sentenced in Hartford Superior Court to 80 years in prison. Bryan, now 24, immediately vowed to appeal.

Hall-Davis was convicted of murder and weapons charges and was sentenced in May to 70 years in prison.

According to authorities, Bryan, who has a son with another woman, became angry when Jenkins refused to get an abortion.

“Hall-Davis told police that Bryan wanted to stay with ‘his other girlfriend,’” the Associated Press reported. “After the shooting, Bryan misled police to divert attention from himself and even showed up at the crime scene in tears.”

As we reported in 2013, the plot was to pretend that someone unknown had killed Jenkins. The cover story would be a third party would be watching the shooting from the window of a house on Magnolia Street “and tell police an unknown person ran from the scene,” according to the Courant’s Christine Dempsey.

Police were suspicious when Bryan lied twice about the circumstances of Ms. Jenkins’ death. Police did not get a break in the case for almost a month when on May 20, the friend assigned to be the lookout told police that Bryan wanted to kill his girlfriend.

“A week later, after jewelry store robberies in West Hartford and Manchester, Manchester police told detectives they had information about Jenkins’ death from one of the two men they had arrested, Kingsley Minto and Hall-Davis,” according to Dempsey. “Kingsley Minto said he drove Hall-Davis to Henry Park in Vernon, where Hall-Davis lives, to hide the gun.”

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