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Irish Govt Report Hides True Effects of Abortion Law

by | Jul 3, 2015

Editor’s note. This comes from our pro-life Irish friends at

Irish Minister for Health Leo Varadkar

Irish Minister for Health Leo Varadkar

The first annual report into the operation of the 2013 abortion legislation has been published, but it provides so little detail that many important questions are left unanswered. Of 26 pregnancies terminated under the “Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act,” three were under the controversial Section 9 which allows abortions where the mother is threatening suicide. The others may have been cases where the life of the unborn was not deliberately targeted but where the baby died as a result of medical treatment necessary to save the mother’s life—not abortions at all—but there is no way to tell.

It is even unclear whether the figures include the baby born to “Miss Y” who was delivered by caesarean section after she was deemed suicidal under Section 9 of the Act, or whether any of the babies involved survived the procedures.

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar confirmed the number of “terminations” after he received a report from the Health Service Executive (HSE) detailing the operation of the Act for 2014. It confirms three abortions were carried out when the mother’s life was deemed at risk due to suicidal ideation.

The figures show 14 terminations were carried out due to the risk to the mother’s life from physical illness, with nine performed on an emergency on an emergency basis to save the mother’s life.

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