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Is New Jersey going after abortionist Steven Brigham?

by | Jul 6, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Abortionist Steven Brigham

Abortionist Steven Brigham

Last Friday we brought you the latest installment in the 25+year-long legal saga of abortionist Steven Brigham.

Today, courtesy of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s excellent reporter, Marie McCullough, we can fill in a few more details about the relationship between Brigham and his 79-year-old associate Vikram Kaji which caught the eye of the New Jersey Attorney General’s office.

Seemingly as always, Brigham, who has lost his license in five states, was battling to reverse yet another decision to take away his ability to practice medicine–in this case made by the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners. The understanding was that Brigham would divest himself of the eight abortion clinics he owns in New Jersey (which make up most of his “American Women’s Services”) and transfer them to Kaji, a man with a highly suspect history of his own, most prominently for sexually abusing patients.

But to its credit, on April 22, an investigator from the state’s Division of Consumer Affairs made an unannounced visit to the abortion clinic in Hamilton. At that point, Kaji denied ownership, an assertion he both reaffirmed and amplified a month later. According to McCullough, in May “Kaji met with a committee of the state Board of Medical Examiners and testified that Brigham continued to own and ‘run the show’ at the eight clinics.”

For now the glare of publicity–and legal charges–is on Kaji, who was already under investigation in 2013 because “the board found he was not doing an adequate job as medical director,” McCullough reported. “During a hearing, Kaji admitted he had suffered a stroke that affected his memory and vision. The board deemed him fit to practice after neuropsychological evaluation, but recommended he ‘refrain from . . . complicated medical procedures.’”

With the new revelations in hand, the Attorney General’s office wants to suspend or revoke Kaji’s license and permanently ban him from the medical director job, saying he “aided and abetted the unlicensed practice of medicine.”

Asked by McCullough is the “the state also going after Brigham? Neal Buccino, spokesman for the consumer affairs division, said he could not confirm nor deny it.”

They would have plenty of reason to consider doing so. Brigham’s been one step ahead of the law for two and a half decades, and when he is caught, he someone survives one battle after another with “medical boards, regulators, the IRS, landlords, creditors, and prosecutors in Maryland.”

As NRL News Today has reported, Brigham lost his New Jersey license for his bistate abortion practice in which he would induce “fetal demise” in New Jersey but deliver the dead baby in Maryland.

Brigham’s Voorhees, NJ abortion clinic was not licensed or equipped to perform late-term abortions. “In addition,” as McCullough wrote, “New Jersey requires that such risky surgeries be performed by an obstetrician-gynecologist, and Brigham, a general practitioner, was not credentialed to do them.”

This all came to a head over five years ago when an 18-year-old woman, 21½ weeks pregnant, almost died following an abortion begun n New Jersey.

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