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Mother who asphyxiated her full-term newborn asks to be released to parents, Judge says no

by | Jul 23, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Kimberly Pappas arraigned on murder charges in the asphyxiation death of her newborn boy.

Kimberly Pappas arraigned on murder charges in the asphyxiation death of her newborn boy.

The bitter irony was hard to miss. Twenty-four-year old Kimberly Pappas, accused of stuffing her full-term newborn son in a plastic bag in her office desk where he asphyxiated, asked Judge Karen Khalil to be released from jail and turned over to her parents.

Pappas’ two attorneys offered several reasons why jail time was not appropriate, according to Oralandar Brand-Williams and Tom Greenwood of the Detroit News. She hadn’t been in trouble before and while at home awaiting trial she can “get the treatment she needs.”

Evidently Judge Khalil was not impressed. Following a video arraignment on Friday, Khalil remanded Pappas back to jail.

As NRL News Today reported in April (, the baby boy’s body was discovered in a bag in the desk drawer where Pappas was working as a temp at Ceva Logistics in Glendale, Michigan.

Employees who would not go on camera told FOX 2 that it all  started in the afternoon when they heard moaning coming from the woman’s bathroom. When they investigated they found blood all over the bathroom stall. (At the time, Pappas was not publicly identified as a suspect.)

They rushed back to the office to find out if everyone was okay. Only one woman  at first didn’t answer, a 26-year-old from Wyandotte. No one knew she had been pregnant.

Redford police were called and discovered the young woman, who did have blood on her, had returned to her cubicle. 

   “After the birth, it is further alleged that she sealed the infant in a plastic bag and then placed it in a tote bag near her desk,” according to the prosecutor’s office. “An employee alerted the Redford Fire Department, who came to the scene and attempted resuscitation efforts on the child. The child was immediately taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead at 11:55 a.m.”

The full-term newborn “died of asphyxiation, the Wayne County medical examiner said Thursday,” Brand-Williams and Greenwood reported. “Ryan Bridges, spokesman for the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office, said the boy’s death was ruled a homicide, living 20 to 30 minutes before his death.”

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