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MSNBC Guest Compares Getting an Abortion to Donating Blood; ‘There Are Costs Associated With Donation’

by | Jul 22, 2015

By Curtis Houck


While appearing on the Tuesday edition of MSNBC’s Now, Dr. Anne Davis of the Physicians for Reproductive Health compared undergoing an abortion to donating blood in the context of the Planned Parenthood video scandal and that both have “costs associated with [the] donation” of giving “fetal tissue” over to “science.”

Davis was guided through the discussion by host Alex Wagner, who insisted that she confirm the “numbers that are thrown out” per baby by Planned Parenthood Medical Directors’ Council President Dr. Mary Gatter in a second video released Tuesday from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP).

After Wagner asked to what degree do prices of “$50, 75 and $100 per fetus…seem reasonable in the sort of the course of medical transport,” Davis first emphasized that “it’s helpful to understand what the money is for” and then began her analogy [emphasis mine]:

So, imagine you do something familiar like go to donate blood. So, you go to donate blood. You go to the center. You have a technician who places an IV. You donate the blood. The blood goes into a little bag. The bag into a little cooler. People have done blood donation, right? So, that is someone’s job who has to help with the blood donation, make sure the donated blood goes to the appropriate place, it’s transported to the hospital. So, those are jobs people have. So, the costs – there are costs associated with donation and that’s exactly what this is for. So, those are – seem like reasonable numbers that would go along with that kind of donation.

Fellow panelist David Corn of Mother Jones chimed in moments later to lament that CMP and “right-wing media” have created “a false controversy” as “[t]he fact that there are tissue donations was not a secret” and “she was obviously making a joke” in stating that “selling body parts is her way to her Lamborghini.”

Continuing to portray abortion as an act of moralism, Wagner declared that, for some women, “fetal tissue extraction is for medical purposes and in some ways, is the silver lining of a very difficult process for most women.” Joining in complete agreement, Davis dubbed the donation of aborted babies as a “compassionate gesture” and one “that is very generous and very altruistic.”

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