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NRLC 2015: a tutorial on life and a celebration of life

by | Jul 13, 2015

By Maria Gallagher, legislative director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

nrlconvention-logo-2015My middle name—Vitale—is derived from the Latin term meaning “of life” or “life-giving.” And that’s what comes to mind when I try to sum up my experience at the 2015 National Right to Life Convention in New Orleans—full of life!

It was as much a celebration of life as it was a tutorial on all the current threats to innocent human life. The people who filled the banquet hall and meeting rooms really love life—and they are willing to defend it, no matter the personal cost or sacrifice.

I think of workshop presenters such as State Representative Katrina Jackson, a Democrat from Monroe, Louisiana, who is president of the legislative black caucus. Rep. Jackson, a sponsor of pro-life legislation, indicated she would never surrender her deeply-held beliefs in the interest of political party considerations.

I think of Cindy Collins, who served on the Louisiana Human Trafficking Commission, and who gave a jaw-dropping presentation on the link between sex trafficking and abortion. She spoke about a trafficker who sent two teens to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, forcing them to work as prostitutes while he held the 18-year-old’s baby as a hostage. Cindy is doing all she can to save these girls and their babies—and we should, too.

I think of a lovely young woman, Safieyatu “Safie” Lamin of Rhode Island, who won the 2015 Jane B. Thompson Oratory Contest. This insightful student began by talking about the violence against blacks that has made headlines—then segued into the topic of black genocide caused by abortion. With young leaders like this, the nation will be in good hands.

I think of cast members from the hit TV show “Duck Dynasty”—Miss Kay, Alan Robertson and his wife Lisa —who entranced the convention crowd with their homespun wit and wisdom. The fact that such a genuinely pro-life family stars in an incredibly popular television program gives us some hope for the cultural conversion necessary to overturn the dreadful U.S. Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade, which led to abortion on demand for any reason—or no reason—essentially during all nine months of pregnancy.

And talk about clout! Where else but the National Right to Life Convention could you see candidate after candidate, angling for the White House, touting their pro-life stands? It’s one thing to see the likes of Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. Bobby Jindal, former Pennsylvani Sen. Rick Santorum, former Texas Rick Perry, and Dr. Ben Carson on television—it is a whole other experience to see them in person, unabashedly and unapologetically proclaiming their commitment to protecting innocent human life.

I really could go on and on. I found NRLC 2015 to be the best convention I have ever attended, as engaging as a New Orleans jazz tune, as stirring as the sight of the Mississippi River at sunset. The pro-life side is, indeed, winning.

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