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Post-abortive father: ‘I had a great life; two of my children didn’t’

by | Jul 16, 2015



In the video below, Paul, a man from Utica, New York, shares about his years of depression following the abortions of two of his children. Forty years after the abortions, he made this video, speaking out specifically to other men who may also be suffering from the abortions of their children.

Paul says,

To this day, I regret the decisions that were made. … I have nightmares about the decision that we made, and I still mourn for the loss of those two kids.

He shares that, when he and his girlfriend walked into the clinic, he thought the clinic would help them know how to plan for parenthood. Instead, they were sold abortion – the death of a child they would never parent.

Paul also shares his gratefulness for those who stand outside abortion clinics, offering help to the women and men who are going inside. He believes that at least one of his children might have been saved if people had been outside the clinic that day, forty years ago. Paul himself now volunteers outside abortion clinics, doing what he can to save others’ children.

We’ve gotta do more than just say, abortion is wrong. We have to put a face behind the voice. That face is you and me.

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