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The face of evil comes complete with nice table manners

by | Jul 31, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

11.6weekscreenshot  The outrageous behavior, described in the kind of soothing, matter-of-fact better suited to a discussion of items on the restaurant menu, has sparked some of the most eloquent pro-life responses I’ve ever read.

Of course I am referring to the series of undercover videos recorded by the Center for Medical Progress. What we see and hear…well, no wonder Planned Parenthood keeps insisting the videos were “heavily edited.”

No one could possibly be that indifferent, that cold, that distant from normal human emotions, right? Wrong. It is almost as if the various Planned Parenthood physician-executives are competing for who could possibly talk about extracting intact baby parts with the least semblance of humanity.

The Chicago Tribune’s John Kass may have written the most powerful opinion piece yet, “Evil with salad and a nice red.” That is, as most of you know, an allusion to Deborah Nucatola, senior director for medical services for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, whom we saw in the first video.

Kass’s lead is breathtakingly powerful:

When we think of evil, we think of something violent or demonic, something filled with hatred and wretchedly hungry to devour the good.

But what if evil eats a salad at lunch and is polite, speaking rationally with nice table manners?

I’ve just seen a video where evil casually spears lettuce on a fork and calmly, scientifically, discusses the market for the body parts of aborted fetuses, while sipping a glass of wine.

“I’d say a lot of people want liver,” Dr. Deborah Nucatola, senior medical director for Planned Parenthood, says in the video.

She was speaking of the livers of aborted fetuses and then she popped more greens into her mouth and gestured with her fork. She explained to her luncheon companions — people she apparently thought were buyers of body parts for research but who were secretly recording her — why ultrasound images are so important.

Later he returns to Dr. Nucatola and in two words captures what is so eerie about her:

What’s chilling is the absolute calmness in her voice.

I’m certain Dr. Nucatola — enjoying a nice lunch of salad and red wine and discussing organ harvests of the unborn — doesn’t consider herself to be evil. Perhaps you don’t either.

But I do. I have no other way to see it.

You’re free to go online and see for yourself. You might see things differently. But the way I see it, the way I hear it, is that this is the way evil works best, not as a growling beast crouching in the darkness, but in a rational, scientific voice. It is the way it’s always worked, the way it worked years ago, the way it works now.

When defending abortion, when defending the harvesting of these poor babies’ organs–“calm,” “rational,” and “scientific” are not words intended to clarify and explain.

They are methods used to cloak the truth, to substitute deceit and deception for compassion and candor. George Orwell, author of “1984” and “Animal Farm” put it best: “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

What to add to that?

“The powerful have always legalized their subjugation of the less powerful,” Kass concludes. And there is no one less powerful than unborn children.

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