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The Week after the furor over the PPFA video: What will Hillary Clinton Say? (Part Two)

by | Jul 20, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

PP-Hillary-ClintonKudos to for alerting us to what is–even if was expected–unnerving: that “ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN Sunday Shows Ignore Planned Parenthood Scandal.”

Only Fox News Sunday took up what could burgeon into a full-blown scandal for the nation’s largest “provider” of abortions. To its credit the program devoted seven minutes to the Center for Medical Progress’s undercover investigation.

You can read Jeffrey Meyer’s commentary and the full transcript online.

Let’s just focus on two points, both made by Julie Pace of the Associated Press in response to questions posed by host Chris Wallace:

WALLACE: But did this gain any traction at the White House? 

PACE: It really didn’t. The only thing we heard from the White House was one statement in the briefing on Friday where the press secretary basically said things that were in line with the statement we saw from Planned Parenthood and said that they don’t have any knowledge of the practices

We wrote about what White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said last Friday.

Pace accurately summarized Earnest’s “we-know-nothing” response. I would reiterate what I wrote last week. It’s difficult to believe somebody from PPFA didn’t provide talking points to the White House since Earnest’s response hewed so closely to the PPFA line (that Planned  Parenthood’s policies “are entirely consistent with the strictest ethical guidelines”).

But what was really interesting is that Pace meandered off into how “difficult” it’s been for Republicans to “talk about abortion.” (Not to be confused with how easily the horrific descriptions rolled off Dr. Nucatola’s tongue.)

However, how “difficult” is it to talk about harvesting the body parts of aborted babies which for the most part (according to what you hear on the video from Dr. Nucatola) are secured by asking emotionally vulnerable women not once but twice whether they’d like to donate their baby’s remains for medical research? The difficult part is not telling people about what PPFA is doing but keeping from getting ill.

And then there is this:

WALLACE: Talking about the political aspect of this, as soon as this video broke, we not only asked for comment, Fox News, from Republican candidates, we also asked Hillary Clinton. Her campaign has refused to give us any statement on this. How potentially troubling could this be for her particularly as she’s talking about being the exemplar of women. 

PACE: Sure. I don’t think she’ll be able to avoid talking about it forever. And again, this gets to the point that Republicans are making which is that this is something that should be appalling not just to people who are pro-life but also to all Americans.

It would be difficult to exaggerate just how tightly the former Secretary of State is bound up with PPFA. This past May, NRLC director of education Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon wrote about “Hillary Clinton & Planned Parenthood: A Longstanding Mutual Admiration Society”.

Clinton’s support goes back decades and the mutual love-affirming is both genuine and mutually self-promoting.

Will Clinton say anything? Will President Obama, another PPFA favorite, utter a syllable?

Stay posted.

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