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To PPFA defenders, harvesting fetal organs is a “selfless act”

by | Jul 23, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Sarah Erdreich  We’re keeping track of some of the apologetics for the abysmal, soul-crunching comments make by two Planned Parenthood officials talking over lunch about intact baby body parts, captured on two undercover videos. It can only be some, because the Abortion Industry is beginning to seriously gear up to protect its CEO.

Here’s another example, a letter to the editor of the Washington Post, responding to an op-ed critical of PPFA that ran July 19. Let’s work in reverse order for reasons that will quickly become apparent.

“Savaging medical practitioners and a network of medical clinics that provide a comprehensive range of essential health services and resorting to such hyperbole as asserting that fetal livers are ‘selling like hotcakes’ do nothing to further any honest, nuanced and intellectually curious conversations about abortion,” concludes Sarah Erdreich.

Who is Sarah Erdreich? She’s not identified. Wouldn’t “any honest, nuanced and intellectually curious conversations about abortion” be furthered by knowing that she is a rising star in the pro-abortion firmament?

That she is author of Generation Roe: Inside the Future of the Pro-Choice Movement, and a woman whose bio lists gobs of compliments from the usual out-in-left-field types such as Katha Pollitt, and who has been cited for “her incisive writings on abortion rights” by publications on the outer fringe of the abortion movement?

Okay, so she’s annoyed that the columnist allegedly used “hyperbole.” Let’s see if that is true by comparing and contrasting.

Here’s what Deborah Nucatola, senior director for medical services for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in the first video:

You know I asked her at the beginning of the day what she wanted, yesterday she wanted,  she’s been asking, a lot of people want intact hearts these days they’re looking for specific nodes. AV nodes, yesterday I was like wow, I didn’t even know, good for them. Yesterday was the first time she said people wanted lungs. And then, like I said, always as many intact livers as possible. …Some people want lower extremities, too, which, that’s simple. That’s easy. I don’t know what they’re doing with it, I guess if they want muscle.

  After reading that, does “selling like hotcakes” seem an exaggeration or an understatement?

Is extracting and then moving intact hearts and lungs and skulls through the fetal experimentation chain really an “essential health service”? It is to Ms. Erdreich.

Actually, harvesting the organs of late term babies is more than just that. (By the way, Erdreich uses “fetal tissue” as a cover. Kind of like the disingenuous consent form used by a PPFA affiliate in California. There it’s “tissue that has been aborted.”)

This “tissue” could “advance medical research and possibly even treat diseases that debilitate millions of people,” she writes, and, if that isn’t enough, such “medical donation” of “organs and tissues are selfless acts.”

We’ve already written about the intellectually dishonest way women are cajoled into making “voluntary donations.”

It’s bad enough that PPFA’s machinery of death kills over 330,000 unborn babies each and every year. But to tell a woman that her baby’s death can be redeemed by the “selfless act” of donating “blood” and “tissue” that could possibly find a cure for “diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and AIDS” represents the low water mark even for Planned Parenthood.

We will keep you posted on the attempts by PPFA and its legion of media allies to spin what is by any sane reading barbaric behavior.

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