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14-year-old Italian girl was an “unwanted baby” who survived abortion attempt

by | Aug 13, 2015

Parents have twice sued

By Dave Andrusko

Elisa Bellandi, now 14, survived an abortion

Elisa Bellandi, now 14, survived an abortion

On Monday, NRL News Today reported on an Italian couple that for the second time was suing because in 2001 a hospital “failed” to abort their now 14-year-old daughter.

Thanks to The Daily Mail, we now know a great deal more about the girl who has been identified as Elisa Bellandi and her parents, Giuseppe and Aurora Bellandi.

Hannah Roberts builds on an earlier story she had written about the second lawsuit. Some parts are the same, other critical details are new.

According to Roberts, the couple already had a son when, in 2000, Mrs. Bellandi began hemorrhaging. She was told she had a huge benign tumor that needed to be removed, but when she went in for the operation, doctor discovered she was pregnant.

In this second story, Mr. Bellandi told Roberts that “the hospital rang him and said Aurora was miscarrying and needed a life-saving abortion, which he agreed to immediately.” But a month later

Mrs. Bellandi discovered that she was still pregnant and by that time past the point at which abortions can be performed in Italy. According to Roberts, the pregnancy was “problematic.”

The couple successfully sued the doctors, Roberts reported, for ‘physical harm to the mother’ and were awarded $133,000. They sued again for ‘psychological trauma’ to Elisa’s mother and father and after dragging through the Italian courts for year they lost twice. However the case will go to Italy’s highest court.

”The doctors brought her into the world. They should provide for her study and indispensable needs until she is 18,” Mr. Bellandi told Roberts. He insisted he wasn’t trying to become a “millionaire,” saying “the money is to give Elisa a decent standard of living, allow her to study and fulfill her dream to go on to university.”

What about Elisa? Roberts writes

Elisa dreams of one day being a lawyer or psychologist. And it is not hard to understand why. Because in many ways she is very different from many teenagers.

She has had to come to terms with the knowledge that not only was she a ‘mistake’ baby, conceived when her mother had already passed 40, but that she survived both a miscarriage and a failed abortion.

And if that were not bad enough to deal with, her parents are suing the hospital claiming that a botched operation caused ‘psychological trauma’ to Elisa’s mother and father – in a case that has shocked Italy.

Mr. Bellandi insists Elisa “is not upset by it. If she hides it so well, she should be a professional actress.”

Elisa told Roberts, “They make it sound terrible as if I didn’t know I was going to be aborted. But I’ve always known. I’ve always felt loved by my family. We just can’t afford everything.”

The couple told Roberts that the hospital has offered them roughly $94,000, which they have refused, but say they would accept another settlement of $133,000.

Roberts concludes her story with a response from the hospital and a final comment from Mr. Bellandi

Tino Goglino, who represents the Santi Antonio e Biagio e Cesare Arrigo hospital in Alessandria [Italy], said: ‘The fundamental question for the court is whether the parents really wanted an abortion. True, the mother was already over 40 when she found out she was pregnant.

‘But it wasn’t that she didn’t want the baby. She was very upset when she was told she had to have an abortion. She was obliged to have one because she had a massive fibroma of around 1kilo.’

But Giuseppe insists that they did not want the pregnancy: ‘We did not plan to have another child. Now we see her as a gift from god – but we did not seek it out.’

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