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Alabama is third state to end contracts with Planned Parenthood

by | Aug 7, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Alabama Pro-Life Gov. Robert Bentley

Alabama Pro-Life Gov. Robert Bentley

If, as is often said, three makes a trend, Thursday’s decision by Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley to cut Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood is especially good news.

It means that in less than a week, three states have cut funding to affiliates of Planned Parenthood.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was the first to announce that his state had “terminate[d] Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid provider agreement.” Referencing the five shocking videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. Gov. Jindal said

“In recent weeks, it has been shocking to see reports of the alleged activities taking place at Planned Parenthood facilities across the country. Planned Parenthood does not represent the values of the people of Louisiana and shows a fundamental disrespect for human life. It has become clear that this is not an organization that is worthy of receiving public assistance from the state.”

Pro-life Gov. Bobby Jindal

Pro-life Gov. Bobby Jindal

New Hampshire was next. Its Executive Council voted 3-2 to deny contracts to two Planned Parenthood offices in the Granite state. “A contract for $253,900 with the Planned Parenthood of NNE [Northern New England] in Claremont was denied, as was a contract for $385,000 with the organization’s Manchester office,” according to New Hampshire Union Leader reporter Dave Solomon.

Then it was Alabama’s turn. Gov. Bentley tweeted

“The deplorable practices at Planned Parenthood have been exposed to Americans, and I have decided to stop any association with the organization in Alabama. As a doctor and Alabama’s governor, the issue of human life, from conception to birth and beyond, is extremely important. I respect human life and do not want Alabama to be associated with an organization that does not.”

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