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Approaching the vote to Defund Planned Parenthood: Part One

by | Aug 3, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

11.6weekscreenshotAs you know, there is a scheduled vote this afternoon to defund the largest abortion provider in the world, Planned Parenthood. PPFA is the billion dollar “non-profit” whose executives created a storm of controversy for committing what we call in Washington a “gaffe”: telling the truth about their appalling dehumanization of unborn babies whose intact organs they scavenge.

Of course they didn’t know that their cavalier discussion would reach a mass audience, courtesy of the Center for Medical Progress. They have been playing defense ever since, supported by the usual assortment of useful idiots.

Part of the playing for time strategy is for apologists to quote (ever more frankly) from what Drs. Nucatola, Gatter, and Ginde actually said. But note: when outlets such as the editorial page of the Washington Post repost these specific stomach-turning comments–they instantly lapse into the usual game of insisting the videos were “artfully edited.”

So, for example, over the weekend, The Post wrote an editorial titled (what else?) “Stop the vendetta against Planned Parenthood.”

THE STING videos targeting Planned Parenthood are hard to watch. Doctors talk clinically, some say callously, about harvesting fetal tissue. Technicians identify and isolate tiny organs. References are made to “it’s a baby” or “it’s another boy.” The videos were taken surreptitiously and were artfully edited to produce maximum discomfort about complicated issues that, for many, are inherently uncomfortable.

You could write a book about the Post’s artful editing of the truth. Here are just a couple of examples from this first paragraph.

#1. “Some” say the doctors and medical technicians talked “callously”? For heaven’s sake, even PPFA President Cecile Richards conceded as much (in a backhanded way) when she sort of apologized for Dr. Nucatola’s “tone.”

We’ve written a half-dozen posts specifically on the nonsense that it’s okay to talk “clinically” about the body organs of aborted babies because abortions are surgery and all surgery is bloody and yada yada. The dishonesty is stunning, even by PPFA standards.

#2.”Technicians” find and isolate “tiny organs.” Glad we got that straight. So, Mr. and Mrs. America, don’t worry about losing your lunch as Dr. Grinde tells undercover investigators “Here’s some organs for you, they’re all attached. Here’s a stomach, kidney, heart, adrenal….” After all the thymus and heart and lung the doctor and the medical assistants parsed out were soooo tiny.

#3. “References are made to ‘it’s a baby’ or ‘it’s another boy.’” The editorial immediately tags on to this, “The videos were taken surreptitiously and were artfully edited to produce maximum discomfort about complicated issues that, for many, are inherently uncomfortable.”

Is the writer implying these astonishing remarks from the people at the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) were ‘artfully edited”? Not exactly. They leave the impression that because (they insist) the whole video was edited, probably those gut-wrenching comments were as well. But, of course, they weren’t, as the Post editorial writer knows. Finally

#4. This editing was intended to “produce maximum discomfort.” Well there are full transcripts and complete videos of the first two videos and it’s clear nothing was nefariously edited, “artfully” or otherwise.

The horror–the “maximum discomfort”– comes not from what was done to the videos but what was done to the babies.

There’s more to mull over in Parts Two and Three.