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Eloquent pro-life answers in response to the word “abortion”

by | Aug 19, 2015

By Dave Andrusko


Editor’s note. My family will be on vacation through the end of next week. I will be posting an occasional new story, but for the most part we will be re-posting columns that ran over the last year. Many will be strictly educational while some will about remind us of notable victories this legislative cycle.

Thanks to Rebecca Downs for posting on a video of women, ages 15 to 50, responding on camera to the word “abortion.” We may have a slightly different overall take, but her insights were very helpful. does these composites where they ask a range of people (including on at least one occasion children) for their first response in one word to a word–i.e., abortion, father—or to a question.

The lens gives you a very tight shot, inviting you to read their faces as they answer the question. Sometimes the woman’s face is blank; sometimes her expression reinforces her words; and sometimes you know that still waters run deep.

Yahoo Lifestyle UK’s ran a piece on the video last Friday. Alison Coldridge ends with the usual usual—“Every woman who has an abortion has her own reason for doing it, as one woman who had an abortion at eight months pregnant knows only too well. If you want advice, support or information about abortions, you can get in touch with Abortion Choices or look at your choices on the NHS website’’—so I don’t think it’s unfair to conclude she has an agenda.

However she also includes a couple of insights along the way. For example, that the two most straightforward condemnations of abortion come from the 15 year old girl and the 16 year old girl.

But far more important than toting up the numbers—for, against, and more or less neutral—and drawing the obvious conclusion that the youngest girls are the most passionately pro-life (a word Coldridge does not use) is that these two go first! No matter what follows they have made the first impression.

From the 15 year old, her response is

“Killing, because they’re basically killing the baby even though it’s still in the mum.”

From the 16 year old

“Horrible…if you’re given the gift of a baby then you should treasure that gift.”

A 17 year old, who goes next, is speechless.

Then a monotonic “choice” followed by “necessary” followed by

“Wrong. I guess I’ve always just been pro-life. I feel like when people think of pro-choice they just think of the mom and the person, people don’t think about the life that’s inside of you, or the person that doesn’t have a voice.”


More pro-abortion answers including a defiant “None of your business.” And then this:

“Against it. I was asked to have an abortion and I didn’t. And I’m really happy about it. She’s my motor and she’s the reason I wake up every day.”

One side, rote answers. The other eloquent, probing, reflective objections to abortion.

Take out 3:29 seconds and watch the video.

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