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PPFA grinds out another bogus poll to attempt to intimidate

by | Aug 12, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

PlannedParenthoodbodyparts7When Planned Parenthood or pro-abortion Democrats (one and the same, actually) need a go-to pollster–someone who invariably delivers the “correct answer”–they often go to Hart Research.

So with PPFA reeling from the fallout of six undercover investigative videos, what to do? Have Hart Research conduct a poll supposedly showing that voters in three “swing” states (Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Ohio ) overwhelmingly oppose ending federal funding of Planned Parenthood and its affiliates.

We’ll get to those bogus results in a moment.

The real numbers are found in a recent Monmouth University Poll which asked “Do you support or oppose cutting off federal government funding to Planned Parenthood?”

PPFA eked by–47 % opposed cutting off federal funding to 42% who supported cutting off federal funding.

But note: Three years ago, in a Quinnipiac University poll, only 31 % supported ending federal funding for Planned Parenthood while 60% did not.

With respect to federal funding, put in the most straightforward way, this means the net advantage for PPFA has dropped from 29 points to 5 points in just over three years!

Two related points to the poll which you can find at

First, the poll was taken from July 30 through August 4. A whopping 53% of the respondents had heard nothing about the five (now six) Center for Medical Progress videos and another 21% had heard only “a little.”

Second, what if the question were asked this way? “Would you support or oppose a bill that ends all federal funding of Planned Parenthood but would continue to make federal funding available to other eligible entities to provide women’s health care services?” That is the substance of S.1881 which received a majority vote in the United States Senate but not enough votes to “invoke cloture” (move the bill forward).

I strongly suspect a majority would support such a proposal.

Back to the phony baloney Hart Associates survey. The question they asked guaranteed they would get the response PPFA wanted.

Some Republicans in Congress say that because of the undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, there should be an immediate vote to end all government funding for Planned Parenthood, including for services Planned Parenthood provides, such as cancer screenings and family planning. Do you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree with the Republicans who say Congress should vote immediately vote to end all government funding for Planned Parenthood, including for services Planned Parenthood provides, such as cancer screenings and family planning?

Where do I begin? The question is framed to ensure that Democrats would say they disagree. As noted above, the implication is that cancer screening and family planning would vanish, rather than be services provided by other entities that provide women’s health care. And using the word “immediately” again suggests that services would end virtually instantaneously.

And, oh by the way, there may be a PPFA affiliate somewhere that provides mammograms, but 99% don’t. They conduct breast exams and refer women elsewhere for mammograms.

The people behind the poll tried to argued that the Republican incumbent senators in those three states were in trouble, especially because “these are states that traditionally go Democratic in presidential-election years,” according to the Washington Post’s Colby Itkowitz.

In fact two of the incumbents were “ahead of an unspecified Democratic challenger by double digits,” she wrote, and the third was down only 2 points, “within the margin of error.”

Are there no depths to which they will not sink?

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