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Pro-life protest tells Amnesty International Conference that ‘Abortion is Torture’

by | Aug 11, 2015

Editor’s note. The following comes from the Life Institute, a prominent Irish pro-life group.

proliferally6A pro-life protest has told delegates at Amnesty’s International Conference that “Abortion Is Torture” and that Amnesty’s campaign for abortion “is unconscionable and incompatible with a genuine human-rights stance.”

The lively protest took place outside the conference centre at City West Hotel Saturday where Amnesty’s International Council Meeting takes place this week.

Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute said Amnesty’s position was incompatible with a genuine human rights stance. “You can’t claim to be a human rights protector and then campaign for the lives of innocent children to be brutally ended. The progressive answer to a crisis pregnancy is to provide support and to help both mother and baby. Abortion is a medieval solution, and has no place in a society where human rights are respected,” she said.

She said that more than 140,000 people, to date, had signed a petition calling on Amnesty to stop pushing abortion on Ireland and other countries, and that Amnesty was losing credibility and damaging their mission because of their strident abortion stance.

“Amnesty Ireland want abortion-on-demand made legal, and they want the constitutional rights of unborn babies to be completely stripped away. This makes no sense. As human rights abuses go, dismembering children must be one of the worst infringements possible. And as innocent victims go, unborn babies who can’t even raise their own eyes to defend themselves must be the most helpless victims imaginable,” she said.

“Abortion is torture. Killing unborn children is wrong. This is Human Rights 101, and Amnesty are scoring an epic fail.”

The pro-life spokeswoman slammed Amnesty for its failure to make any comment on the many abuses of the abortion business, such as the scandal around the harvesting of foetal body parts engulfing the global abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

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