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Quote of the day: Planned Parenthood in favor of undercover work done by abortion supporters

by | Aug 10, 2015

By Kelli

Editor’s note. This appeared at and is reprinted with permission.

PlannedParenthoodbodyparts7Planned Parenthood and its media and political allies have tried in vain to make the story about CMP’s tactics.

But those same organizations and individuals have long sung the praises of undercover “sting” operations conducted by NARAL Pro-Choice America inside of pro-life pregnancy centers.

NARAL and its allies regularly send in women undercover to pregnancy centers across the country, posing as pregnant women (ensuring a positive pregnancy test with the urine of a pregnant woman), in order to obtain information, footage, and audio to use in smear campaigns against pregnancy centers.

NARAL then regularly releases state-specific “reports” (full of citations to NARAL itself) leading to the conclusion that pregnancy centers are “fake clinics” that deceive women into keeping their children (as if keeping a child is a negative outcome).

The media, politicians, and Planned Parenthood have wholeheartedly supported NARAL’s investigations. They call for legislation to unnecessarily burden pregnancy centers or demand that they be shut down outright.

But now these same organizations – including NARAL itself – are “outraged” over the same tactics when used to expose Planned Parenthood.

[This is drawn from Elissa Graves,]

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