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A Lesson from a Grumpy 8-Year-Old

by | Sep 4, 2015

By Micaiah Bilger, Education Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

babypig3My little sister was in a grumpy mood. I was visiting my family after church as I usually do, but this Sunday afternoon my 8-year-old sister wasn’t in any mood for visitors.

She picked at her food. She only wanted dessert. She complained about sitting at the table. She wanted to play. Our mom tried to persuade her to take a nap, but she said she wasn’t tired.

Finally, she agreed to sit down with me and read. We settled on “Charlotte’s Web.” I had just finished reading when my father’s voice broke in.

“The pig needs to be fed,” he called.

My parents had purchased a baby pig for their small farm earlier this summer, and my sister’s job was to feed it. She complained about the chore, though not as vehemently as I expected. Soon, she asked me to join her, and we walked down to the pig pen with a bucket full of feed.

We were still a distance away when I saw little eyes peek between the wooden boards. Then a head popped up, then two hooves. The little pig squealed with delight at the sight of my little sister. She scratched the pig’s head and sweet-talked it as she poured in the feed, not a hint of grumpiness or drudgery in her voice.

I had to smile at her change of attitude. Caring for someone else takes a lot of work, especially if the person (or pet, in this case) has a lot of needs. It isn’t always easy. Sometimes it means pushing ourselves to do things that we don’t have time for or just don’t feel like doing.

But protecting life means making time to help those who need it most. My little sister was grumpy and tired. She just wanted to play, but she also knew that a life was depending on her.

As fall approaches, I challenge you make time in your life to help the people who are depending on us most — preborn babies and their moms. Many of us have busy schedules. Many of us have a full plate of responsibilities already. But abortion is a massive tragedy, and sometimes we just have to make time to get involved.

Preborn babies and their moms are counting on us. Let’s take the time to show them how much we care!

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