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Chuck Todd says Clinton donors are “panicking”

by | Sep 11, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd

It was always interesting to speculate which poll might represent the “tipping point” where donors giving to pro-abortion Hillary Clinton start to vote with their pocketbooks.

In retrospect we might look back and say it was yesterday’s CNN’s poll. (You can read the results at

NRL News Today has closely monitored the most reputable polls, all of which have spelled bad news for the former Secretary of State who not so long ago was her party’s almost presumptive presidential nominee. What was special about yesterday’s numbers?

In July she was ahead of Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders by a whopping 56% to 19%. Now it’s down to 37% to 27% with the (as of now) undeclared candidacy of Vice President Joe Biden at 20%.

However in many ways the most interesting responses came elsewhere. When asked who their second choice was, Biden came in first with 35%!

What about the inevitability argument? In July, 75% said Mrs. Clinton was most likely to win the Democratic nomination for president. That is down to 55% in the period in which this poll was taken–September 4-8.

NBC News’ Chuck Todd, a reliable weathervane for which way the inside the beltway conventional wisdom winds are blowing, told Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough that donors are “panicking.”

Not just because she is losing ground to Democratic rivals–announced and unannounced–but because among registered voters she is losing in hypothetical matchups against various Republican candidates.

“Every time you think, okay, when is she at bottom, it feels like there’s a new bottom,” Todd said.

“A month ago when she was having bad poll numbers, when it was starting to go down, one of the things they hung their hat on is, ‘Well, as bad as her numbers may look, she’s still in better shape when matched up against any Republican,’” Todd said. “Well, that’s not happening anymore, right? This is just pile after pile after pile.”

Todd added, “Suddenly if her electability is in question, well then that’s when the handwringing truly begins and when donors start panicking. And I think they are panicking.”

You can watch the exchange at

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