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Editorial misrepresents everything there is to misrepresent about PPFA videos and abortion in general

by | Sep 14, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

pp1In that typically understated way pro-abortionists operate, the Fresno Bee titled its eyes-closed-shut editorial, “Crusade against Planned Parenthood incites hysteria.”

At the risk of stating the transparently obvious, once you read the 446-word-long word editorial, the conclusion clearly is that it is the editorial that is steeped in hysteria [].

There was a September 4 fire at Planned Parenthood of Pullman which, according to the editorial, has been described as arson. “A federal anti-terrorism task force has been brought in on the matter,” we’re told. “No one was injured, but given the months of hysteria around an undercover video campaign that purported, questionably, to show Planned Parenthood illegally selling aborted fetal tissue, the violence was no surprise.”

Never mind that the perpetrator has not been found. Never mind that pro-lifers do not condone violence of any sort against an abortion clinic. Never mind that recording exactly what officials from PPFA and assorted fetal tissue procurers organizations(TPOs) said in undercover videos is not hysterical, but investigative journalism.

This just gives the newspaper an excuse to tar pro-lifers and to dismiss what is taking place at the largest abortion provider in the United States. Which is that intact baby organs are harvested in a sickening fashion, sold to TPOs, which in turn sell them at exorbitant prices, usually to academic labs.

The editorial is rife with the usual talking points. For instance, that a majority of women are pro-choice–not true.

That half the population is pro-choice. If by “pro-choice,” you mean accept the PPFA position–abortion for any reason or no reason at any point in pregnancy–the answer is, of course, no. In fact, almost the exact opposite is much closer to the truth.

As NRL News Today wrote earlier today, CNN–not exactly a hotbed of pro-life sentiment–concluded from its own poll that “Overall, 39% of adults in the new poll think abortion should be legal in most circumstances, 58% that it should be illegal in most.”

If the Fresno Bee editorial weren’t already silly enough, we’re told “And even if that weren’t the case [their bogus opinion poll figures], the issue is increasingly a red herring: Abortion rates have dropped to a 30-year low.”


Is PPFA reducing the abortion rate by, say, performing fewer abortions? To the contrary, even as the number of abortions decrease nationwide, PPFA is consolidating its own empire. Its numbers continue to go up, as do its revenues from the deaths of unborn babies.


Is it scaling back its international footprint? Hardly.

Is PPFA supporting any legislation that would allow women a day or two to reflect on a life and death decision, which could and does reduce the number of abortions?

Please. PPFA fights informed consent/women’s right to know laws with every tool in its massive arsenal.

We can agree on one thing with the Fresno Bee. There is plenty of hysteria, alright, only it’s not from pro-lifers but from the defenders of PPFA who speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil.

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