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by | Sep 25, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Sept2015FrontcoverWell, if you haven’t, you can read the entire 50-page issue at But I can tell by our readers’ responses, many of you have not only began perusing the latest issue but are forwarding stories to your pro-life friends and family.

As we’ve done this week, today we are re-posting one of the stories from the September edition. It’s one of my favorites—“More babies born extremely premature are surviving, study finds.” Elsewhere, there are three stories about how premature babies “beat the odds,”

On page four of the latest online issue, you will read about where the 2016 presidential candidates of both parties stand on abortion. Then there is the myth of how legal abortion supposedly improves women’s health. In fact, it has the opposite effect.

More encouraging news: Planned Parenthood’s seemingly unassailable—and wholly unearned—reputation is taking a tremendous hit. Now almost as many people (38%) have an unfavorable opinion of the nation’s largest abortion provider as a favorable opinion (43%).

And then NRLC’s Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics explains how “Major Medicare penalty set to hit 2,600 U.S. hospitals — will disproportionately affect sickest patients.”

There are many, many other informative stories that will educate, motive, and inspire.

Be sure to visit and get caught up!

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