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Planned Parenthood attempting to disqualify and disenfranchise pro-life voters in Tennessee

by | Sep 22, 2015

Editor’s note. The following was distributed today by Tennessee Right to Life, NRLC’s state affiliate.

yeson1Still unwilling to accept the outcome of last fall’s election in which Tennessee voters approved pro-life Amendment 1, Planned Parenthood abortion activists are continuing with their radical effort to disqualify and disenfranchise pro-life voters.

To that end, they have filed suit in federal court against the people of Tennessee, claiming that the state’s method of counting votes on Amendment 1 was unconstitutional. Planned Parenthood contends that if some voters cast ballots only on the Amendment but did not vote in the governor’s race, they have violated the Constitution and their votes ought to be thrown out. Planned Parenthood also demands that if the state is unable to determine who-voted-how, then the Amendment must be struck down.

In their desperate zeal to keep Tennessee an unfettered abortion destination, Planned Parenthood’s lawyers have sued the Governor and the Attorney General, the Secretary of State, and the Coordinator of Elections. They are also suing each member of the State Election Commission. And now they are turning their ugly focus on the Yes on 1 Ballot Committee in an effort to overturn Amendment 1 and to paralyze Tennessee’s effective pro-life movement.

Planned Parenthood’s lawyers have just subpoenaed the Yes on 1 Ballot Committee and are demanding “contacts, communications and documents” relating to the successful Yes on 1 campaign. Clearly the abortion industry wants to know how pro-life Tennesseans won this campaign in order to defeat similar efforts in other states. They want pro-life advocates to be intimidated into silence and to prevent legal protections for the unborn from being restored.

Yes on 1 Ballot Committee intends to continue fighting Planned Parenthood with everything we have. We are not going to willingly submit and hand over our campaign plan to the purveyors of death! The demands of the abortion industry are unreasonable and un-American. Those who profit from killing the unborn are attempting to silence pro-life Tennesseans who effectively expressed their will in the sanctity of the voting booth.

Planned Parenthood is attempting to squelch the right of pro-life Tennesseans to speak and to associate with fellow citizens of like mind toward a shared goal of protecting the weak and helpless unborn child in our state.

We won’t sit by while Planned Parenthood attempts to strip away our rights, the historic victory on Amendment 1, and the lives of helpless unborn children.

Together we’ve come this far—passing SJR 127 in the Legislature, placing Amendment 1 on the ballot and winning the most expensive referendum in our state’s history. Now, with your continued help, support and prayers, we will make history again and demonstrate for all that Tennessee is a pro-life state whose citizens will not be bought or silenced by the pro-abortion forces at Planned Parenthood.

Toward that Goal,

Brian Harris, President
Tennessee Right to Life

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