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Planned Parenthood, Greenville Women’s Center Lose Licenses after Investigation

by | Sep 14, 2015

COLUMBIA, S.C. –The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) has suspended the license of Planned Parenthood in Columbia, S.C., citing 21 violations of state law and hazardous waste management regulations. The local affiliate of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the nation’s largest abortion business, also was fined $7,500.

The department also suspended the license of and fined the Greenville Women’s Clinic and cited the Charleston Women’s Medical Center for four “minor” violations, but did not suspend its license nor issue a fine.

South Carolina State Representative Garry Smith, R-Greenville

South Carolina State Representative Garry Smith, R-Greenville

South Carolina Citizens for Life strongly supported the Abortion Clinic Regulation Act in the early 1990s when an abortionist, Jessie Floyd, was grinding up the bodies of aborted babies in a common sink disposal and flushing the human remains into the public water system. His employees tried to report him to DHEC, but first trimester abortion facilities were not regulated. Floyd died in an automobile accident in 1995.

In a press release issued late Friday, DHEC stated: “The 21 cited violations [at Planned Parenthood] included: non-compliance with the Woman’s Right to Know Act, incomplete medical and employee records, expired medications, improper infectious waste disposal practices, and failure to report abortions to DHEC Vital Statistics in a timely manner.”

An order issued by Shelly Bezanson Kelly, Director of Health Regulation and Gwen C. Thompson, Bureau Chief for health Facilities Licensing, states, “The license of Planned Parenthood of South Atlantic is hereby suspended until further notice . . .” and the facility is fined $7,500.

A similar order issued against the Greenville Women’s Clinic suspends its license and imposes a $2,750 fine. Additionally, DHEC initiated enforcement action related to the management of infectious waste at all three facilities and against two companies that transport waste.

Access the DHEC press release and links to the full reports here.

South Carolina Citizens for Life President Lisa Van Riper applauded the DHEC action and called on Governor Nikki Haley to stop state funding of the abortion industry in South Carolina. While Governor Haley initiated the DHEC investigation of the state’s three free-standing abortion facilities, she has yet to cancel the Medicaid contracts that feed state tax dollars into the abortion industry.

“It is important to change hearts and minds,” Mrs. Van Riper said, “But hearts and minds alone would never have accomplished this.” Mrs. Van Riper praised the General Assembly that passed the Abortion Clinic Regulation Act which was signed into law in 1995 by the late Governor Carroll Campbell and survived a federal court challenge under then Attorney General Charlies Condon. “Laws matter,” Mrs. Van Riper said, “and elections matter.”

Representative Garry Smith, R-Greenville, joined Mrs. Van Riper in calling on Governor Haley to stop the Medicaid contracts to abortion businesses and to redirect the money to women’s health care centers that provide authentic health care that does not include abortion. There are nine community health centers in South Carolina that provide Ob/GYN services. He called the DHEC report “shocking,” but said “it is what we have suspected for many years.

“I am happy to see DHEC has finally taken action and I encourage Governor Haley to immediately cancel state contracts with these facilities.”

“Taxpayers should not be held hostage to the abortion industry,” Mrs. Van Riper said.

Mark Baumgartner, director of A Moment of Hope, is regularly on the public right of way near Planned Parenthood to offer women alternatives to abortion.

He said, “I’m delighted with this news and thankful for DHEC’s action. We look forward to the day when their will be no operating abortion clinics in the state of South Carolina.” A Moment of Hope is an outreach to pregnant women as well as to those who work for Planned Parenthood. He encourages workers to find other jobs.

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