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Post-abortive women are shouting their abortion regret and speaking for life

by | Sep 24, 2015

By Christina Marie Bennett

regretabortion3The #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag has some of the most disturbing confessions on the Twittersphere. Post-abortive women are supporting Planned Parenthood by telling the world how abortion made their life better. Regardless of their reasoning for choosing to abort, the tweets all convey the same false message that abortion is a social good without lasting negative consequences.

In reality, we know abortion isn’t just a emotionally painless, all around feel good decision. If that was the case, post abortion groups like Rachel’s Vineyard, Silent No More Awareness, and Forgiven & Set Free (all of which you can find online) wouldn’t exist. Earlier this year, a Harvard Student wrote an open letter about the horrors of her abortion procedure. She said:

“The procedure didn’t take long. It wasn’t even that physically painful. But when it was over, I screamed. I couldn’t stop screaming. As I write these words, it has been over a month since the abortion—and on the inside that screaming hasn’t stopped.”

This student’s story is not one Planned Parenthood would ever promote. An #I’mStillScreaming hashtag likely wouldn’t get as much media attention as #ShoutYourAbortion. Regardless, it’s important to realize that abortion affects women in different ways. While some may feel gratitude for their decision, many suffer lifelong regret. Thankfully, in the midst of many celebratory abortion posts, we see some women sharing their disapproval of the procedure.

This woman’s story about her mother’s attempt to abort her and the painful regret she suffered was the most powerful tweet I saw.

In response to #ShoutYourAbortion, a Facebook page has been created titled “Shout Your Abortion-Regret.” In a post on the page, a woman named April describes how the procedure haunted her. She shares:

“Next I went into the procedure room where the #abortionist ‪ (a middle aged man) explained what he was going to do. He told me it would be a ‘gentle suctioning’ (that’s a lie!) of the contents of the #uterus . I remember the sound of the suction machine to this day and how loud it was as well as how badly this ‘gentle suctioning’ hurt.”

Another woman named Bonnie shared her feelings of regret after being deceived concerning the development of her baby. Bonnie wrote:

“It was two years before I learned about basic #fetal ‪development, and realized that my child wasn’t just a puddle of liquid. He looked exactly like the baby in this picture, before he was torn apart, limb by limb by the abortionist. Devastation and regret don’t even come close to describing the feeling I had when I realized I had been lied to. Had I been given the #truth, by anyone, I would have fought with my life for my child and never allowed him to be #killed …”

Abortion is a destructive and harmful choice, but some post-abortive women are healing from their past by being a voice in the present.

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