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Reawakening our neighbors’ appreciation of unborn children

by | Sep 15, 2015

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Unborn-child209A truly exciting event took place in the area where I live recently, when a hometown team made it all the way to the Little League World Series.

It really didn’t matter whether you held a passion for the nation’s pastime or not. If you lived in this vicinity, you couldn’t help but cheer on these boys of summer.

As I watched the spirited news coverage, I couldn’t help but think about the Little Leaguers who have been lost to the tragedy of abortion.

We often talk about the would-be athletes, scientists, musicians, and statesmen (and women) who have died before they had a chance to live out their dreams. I think that our assumption is often that these children would have achieved greatness once they grew up.

With the case of the Little Leaguers, we have an example of children accomplishing spectacular things in the present.

And it is not just the Little Leaguers. How many stories have you seen of children who have used the earnings from lemonade stands to help fight cancer, or students who have managed to raise awareness of injustices in their local communities? I once saw an evening news segment about a little girl who was so fed up with the potholes on her street that she went out and tried to fill them herself!

Children have an inherent value and dignity—whether they make the evening news or not. Unfortunately, with the legalization of abortion, that value and dignity are not respected.

Would the arguments that are often used to justify abortion—the economic status of the mother, the absence of a father, the marital status of the mother, the mother’s educational level—be a legitimate defense for taking the life of a toddler? Of course not! But in the case of abortion, a child is discriminated against based on age, location, and level of development.

Because abortion has been legal for so long now (more than four decades), it has changed the very fabric of our society and how we view children. In the abortion culture, children are viewed as a liability and a burden, when they rightly deserve to be seen as a treasure and a blessing.

Part of our task as responsible citizens is to reawaken our neighbors’ appreciation of children. After all, we were all children once. Some were even Little Leaguers.

But how much joy have we lost because of the Little League championships we were never able to celebrate, because the unborn boys and girls of summer lost their lives before the fall.

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