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The Soul Wound of Abortion

by | Sep 8, 2015

By Diane E. Schroeder

Editor’s note. This appeared at and is reprinted with permission.

hurtingfromabortionreAbortion is a loss that wounds the soul. Mothers of aborted children lose not only their child but also a vision of themselves as nurturers and caregivers. They often condemn themselves for failing to protect their child from those whom they see as destroying their opportunity to be a mother—whether it be a boyfriend, husband, or parent, and, of course, the abortionist. Many fathers are torn apart because they were unable to protect their unborn child. Grandparents, friends, and siblings of aborted children also suffer losses of relationships and self-esteem.

For all the millions of walking wounded in our society, for those who have had an abortion or have been affected by an abortion decision, there is a Word of Hope—Lutherans For Life’s healing ministry. Word of Hope connects men and women “soul wounded” through the act of abortion to the forgiveness and healing that comes only through knowing that God loves you and sent His Son to free you from the guilt of all sin—including abortion.

Word of Hope started in 1991. The mission of Word of Hope is quite simple: to bring the healing of Jesus Christ to those whose hearts are broken by abortion. Word of Hope answers the question so many have: “Do you really think God can forgive me for this, even taking my baby’s life?” The answer is a resounding YES! Scripture assures us of God’s love and forgiveness even when we feel unworthy. “But God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

Word of Hope receives an average of 275 calls per month and between five and ten emails per day from women and men in need of help—in need of someone who will listen to what they are feeling. They need to talk to someone who won’t judge them, but instead help them realize that they are not alone and offer hope and healing through Christ.

Many women call because they are pregnant and considering abortion. Some are being pressured to abort by boyfriends, parents, friends—and sometimes even doctors. These women need to be told about the help available to them through their local pregnancy center. They need to understand that abortion is forever and will not solve their problem. It will make their situation worse.

All who call Word of Hope are treated with respect and compassion. We listen to their story and offer spiritual counsel. Those involved in an abortion decision need to hear over and over about the love of Christ and that through Him, they are forgiven. (The forgiveness is there. It is real. They need to decide to hold on to it.)

Word of Hope is there for you, your family and friends, your church—all who are searching for healing following an abortion. You can help get the word out!

Establish a link to Word of Hope on your church’s website ( or ).

Ads, posters, and bulletin announcements are available here .

Post-abortion resources from Lutherans For Life are available through Concordia Publishing House ( ) and here .

You can be the one who connects a grieving mother—or father—to the healing they so desperately need.

Editor’s note. Diane E. Schroeder is a former president of Lutherans For Life.

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