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By way of “apologizing,” abortion clinic sends two ultrasounds of woman’s aborted baby

by | Oct 7, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

sympathycard3Perhaps only the kind of people who work at an abortion clinic would think that sending a woman two ultrasound images of the baby she’d aborted would constitute an “apology.”

But that’s exactly what the Hull’s Conifer House clinic in East Yorkshire, England, did following a complaint by Nicky Windsor.

The 29-year-old Windsor aborted her baby on Sunday, June 28 but then complained after saying she was not offered the choice of a single rather than a mass burial or cremation.

“After I had my procedure I should have been given the option for a single burial or cremation,” she told the Daily Mail’s Lucy Crossley.

“I didn’t have that so I felt like I never got the chance to grieve properly and you can’t get that back.

“It felt like my chance had gone so I made a complaint and made a few calls.”

Then she received the two ultrasound were accompanied by a sympathy card, which read, “Nicki, hope this gives you some comfort.”

Windsor was shocked.

‘I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s absolutely disgraceful. ..

‘Going through a procedure like that is traumatic enough so to have it all brought back to me in the way that they did was absolutely shocking.

ultrasoundimages4Her initial reaction before opening the card was to consider it a “nice gesture.” But

“when I opened it up and saw two baby scans it absolutely shattered me. It was just an awful feeling.

‘It felt as if I had to go through the loss all over again.”

Conifer House is administered by City Health Care Partnership CIC, according to Crossley. City Health Care Partnership CIC’s chief executive Andrew Burnell apologized, adding

“We are looking at the patient’s claim very carefully and will fully investigate this incident through our normal procedures and processes; we would like to assure the individual that any necessary actions highlighted by this investigation will be implemented.”

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