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Irish Pro-Life Voters Gearing Up for Election

by | Oct 27, 2015

Editor’s note. This post comes from LifeZine, the online publication of the Irish pro-life organization

oldchurchreWith a General Election looming within months, pro-life voters around the country have been attending meetings organised by the Family & Life Centre for Public Policy. The meetings, which will cover every constituency in Ireland, are intended to inform voters about what they can do to help ensure an election result favourable to the pro-life cause.

This is particularly important since the outgoing government brought in abortion legislation in 2013, in breach of a pre-election commitment given by Fine Gael, and the election will take place against the background of an aggressive campaign against the pro-life 8th Amendment currently being spearheaded by Amnesty International. The former human rights organisation recently released a video promoting its campaign against the 8th Amendment which drew criticism from around the world for its crudely anti-Catholic propaganda.

[For more about the video, narrated by actor Liam Neeson, see here.]

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