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MDs: Declare Total Non-Cooperation with Euthanasia!

by | Oct 12, 2015

By Wesley J. Smith

Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada

The cowardly Canadian Medical Association went “neutral’ on euthanasia before it was forced nationwide by that country’s Supreme Court.

An encouraging 63% of doctors say they won’t participate. So, euthanasia zealots–many in the medical establishment–are moving toward coercion.

On the downside, it came out in support–and 79% of voting delegates oppose conscience exemptions for their morally or religiously opposed colleagues.

Now, the CMA’s mealy-mouths are calling for “cooling off periods” before doctors kill. From the CTV story:

The Canadian Medical Association suggests there should be a 14-day period to allow patients who want the help of a physician to end their lives to reconsider whether they are making the right decision.

What a sad and nihilistic joke.

NO! The proper medical and ethical response is total non-cooperation.

If most doctors refuse to kill–leaving it to the bottom feeders–far fewer patients will be killed. And the message will go out to society:

Euthanasia isn’t healthcare. A lethal injection isn’t medicine. Homicide is not a medical treatment.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Wesley’s fine blog.

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