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More quasi-academic euthanasia reports from Jocelyn Downie

by | Oct 27, 2015

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Jocelyn Downie

Jocelyn Downie

Dalhousie University professor and euthanasia activist, Prof. Jocelyn Downie, has recently received a Trudeau Fellowship to conduct end-of-life research. According to the Dalhousie University media release:

Prof. Downie … will receive $225,000 over three years and has already begun her research associated with the fellowship. In June, she gathered a group of international end-of-life experts in Amsterdam to discuss how to best track incidences of assisted dying in Canada.

Downie is a leading euthanasia activist who published the book Dying Justice: A case for decriminalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada (2004). She is also responsible for several “one-sided” quasi-academic reports that were written by stacked committee’s of like-minded academics without effective input from academics who disagree.

One report was the Royal Society of Canada End-of-Life Decision Making report that was written to undermine opposing positions to euthanasia and assisted suicide and to promote euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Another report was: A Model Conscientious Objection Policy for Canadian Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons from the Conscience Research Group, which was another stacked committee of like-minded academics.

The “Model Conscientious Objection Policy” is designed to force healthcare professionals, who refuse to participate in procedures that they deem to be wrong, such as euthanasia and assisted suicide, to be required to refer their patients to a physician who will be involved with causing death.

The most recent is the Provincial-Territorial Expert Advisory Group on Physician-Assisted Dying that features a stacked committee of pro-euthanasia leaders and academics to produce quasi academic one-sided reports that are sold to the world as legitimate research.

I challenge Prof. Downie to accept and include legitimate opposing input and positions that are published within her “research.”

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