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NRLC Five-Part Mini Series “When They Say You Say” Premieres on EWTN Beginning today

by | Oct 5, 2015

By Ernest Ohlhoff

Olivia Gans Turner

Olivia Gans Turner

Whether you are talking to a friend over coffee or being interviewed by the media, now you will understand the true nature of the questions being posed and how to skillfully answer them.

When They Say You Say, a five-part series featuring Olivia Gans Turner, premieres in prime time on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) beginning today. The series will run five consecutive days from October 5 to 9 and will air twice each day at 3:00 AM and at 6:30 PM, EST.

When They Say You Say was created by Mary Spalding Balch, JD, and Olivia Gans Turner as a teaching tool which has helped thousands of individuals learn how to effectively answer tricky questions asked about life issues. The miniseries is based on an extremely successful workshop developed over the years and presented at numerous conventions.

National Right to Life and EWTN worked together for more than a year to bring this important miniseries to completion. Doug Keck, EWTN’s Chief Operating Officer has attended and participated in two National Right to Life Conventions and supports expanding cooperation between EWTN and NRLC.

NRLC president Carol Tobias, and other NRLC staff have been interviewed numerous times on EWTN’s News Nightly and other EWTN programs.

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