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PPFA’s favorables only 5 points larger than its unfavorables

by | Oct 5, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

cecilerichards74Step by step, or, perhaps better put, slip by slip, Planned Parenthood’s popularity continues to sag. Here’s the lead from the Washington Post’s Scott Clement reporting on the results from the latest Quinnipiac University Poll:

Planned Parenthood was once extremely popular. In 1989, A Gallup poll found that 82 percent Americans who had heard of the group viewed it in a favorable light, while only 11 percent viewed it unfavorably. In polling terms, that’s basically a consensus.

But those days are long gone, and the latest polls suggest that this summer’s controversy over Planned Parenthood’s handling of fetal tissue from abortions used in medical research played a role.

Quinnipiac University has tracked Planned Parenthood’s popularity in three polls since 2012, allowing for a rough before-and-after comparison of the group’s image. In February 2012, 55 percent of registered voters had a favorable view of the group, while 22 percent viewed it unfavorably. That margin narrowed to 46 percent favorable to 30 percent unfavorable in August and 43 percent to 38 percent in September.

Ponder that for a second. A little over three and a half years ago, PPFA favorables were exactly two and a half times its unfavorable, among registered voters: 55% to 22%–a whopping 33 point margin.

But in a survey of 1,574 registered voters taken September 17 – 21, PPFA favorable over unfavorable was 5 points–43% to 38%.

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