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“Respect for Development” doesn’t prevent PPFA from “trying to find the kidneys” and other “cute” organs

by | Oct 28, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

annadermishPPvideoI’ve written this many times but it worth mentioning again. We can write down, word for word, what abortionists and abortion entrepreneurs say about the “POCs” (Products of Conception) but there is nothing that can compare with actually watching and listening to them as they make the most soul-stultifying comments about the remains of aborted babies, often accompanied by a laugh or a giggle.

Take the 11th undercover video released yesterday by the Center for Medical Progress.  The investigators, posing as representatives of a start-up Fetal Tissue Procurement Company, interviewed Amna Dermish, MD, a second-trimester Abortion Provider, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas at Austin

You can watch and listen to Dermish (and Andrea Ferrigno, identified as the Corporate Vice President, Whole Woman’s Health, also in Texas).

The most revealing–and the worst–comments come between 9:37 and 11:30.

On Tuesday NRL News Today discussed what Dermish said in response to the question how intact are the body parts? It’s “a lot harder” with a 20 week old baby, as opposed to an 18 week old baby. (All that development, geez.)

And then, after a discussion about how fetal “liver is in huge demand right now” and the “uptick recently in request like heart valves,” the buyer mentions that intact livers

are used in all kind of like mouse modeling of like different diseases, they’re implanted into immunodeficient mouse and you can regenerate a human immune system in the mouse model and you can do drug testing and HIV testing, and all kinds of stuff.

This prompts one of those “moments” you hear in almost every video where the schizophrenia is on full display. There is a brief pause in the conversation and then Dermish says

One of our POC persons is really into organ development.

Buyer: Oh really?

Dermish: Yeah, she’ll pull out like kidneys, and heart and like heart we frequently see at 9 weeks and she always looks for it.

Ferrigno, who has been virtually silent, chimes in, “Well it’s cute. It is cute,” which leads Dermish to make arguably the most remarkable statement in all eleven videos:

It’s amazing, it’s just like, I mean it, it sort of, I have so much respect for development, it’s just so incredible. So but she always at 10, 11, 12 weeks she’s like trying to find the kidneys, and finding any of the organs of that gestation.

Her body language speaks volumes.

When she says, “It’s amazing,” two fingers separate by an inch or so, presumably to illustrate the tiny kidneys. When Dermish then talks about “respect for development,” her right hand approaches the side of her face, then ever-so-briefly covers a small portion of her nose and right side of her face.

Then, as she concludes, the distance between her hands widens–as if expressing a kind of awe?– and her eyes look upwards–as if…what?

Take twelve and a half minutes out and watch the video.

If you ever need to be reminded why we do what we do–in season and out–this will do it.

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