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British woman accused of “DIY” abortion, sentencing due in December

by | Nov 2, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Natalie Towers

Natalie Towers

In a case with eerily similar overtones to stories previously run in National Right to Life News Today, a 23-year-old British woman stands accused of committing a “Do It Yourself” abortion on a 25-week-old baby using a chemical abortifacient she purchase online.

A story which ran yesterday in The Northern Echo reported that Natalie Towers has already appeared in court “to face charges under the Offences Against the Person Act of 1861, and the 1929 Infant Life (Preservation) Act.”

According to reporter Neil Hunter, her lawyer is suggesting Towers will plead guilty to a lesser charge of administering a poison with intent to procure a miscarriage, if the charge of child destruction is dropped.

“The charge of child destruction – defined as the crime of killing an unborn but viable foetus capable of being born alive’- carries a life sentence,” Hunter writes. “The count which Towers is said to accept has a maximum sentence of ten years.”

Theoretically (there are lots of exceptions) the legal limit to abort in the U.K. is 24 weeks and the abortion must take place either in a license abortion clinic or a hospital. Towers took the abortifacient, the story indicates, because she had passed the legal limit.

Sentencing is likely when Towers returns to court in December “after background reports have been prepared by probation workers.” Hunter noted

Dan Cordey, defending, told Judge Simon Bourne-Arton, QC, that a detailed medical report from a psychiatrist might also be helpful for the court.

Increasingly so-called DIY abortions are being promoted by an ever-more-militant wing of the abortion movement.

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