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Couric: Pro-Lifers Make It ‘Harder Than Ever’ to Work at Planned Parenthood

by | Nov 12, 2015

By Scott Whitlock

Katie Couric (left) interviews PPFA President Cecile Richards

Katie Couric (left) interviews PPFA President Cecile Richards

Liberal, pro-abortion journalist Katie Couric on Tuesday interviewed the President of Planned Parenthood and worried about how “tough” pro-life supporters were making things for the organization. Couric snidely noted, “While Planned Parenthood says that abortions account for just three percent of its clinical work, opponents won’t be happy until that number is zero.”

(Couric did not point out that the organization makes hundreds of millions from abortions.) Talking to President Cecile Richards, the journalist, who now interviews people for Yahoo, fretted, “The videos inflamed already passionate critics, making it harder than ever for the organization to do its job. How tough is it to find clinicians who are willing to work at Planned Parenthood clinics and what kinds of challenges do they face?”

Speaking of scandal related to undercover videos, Couric gently questioned:

KATIE COURIC: Planned Parenthood has always had its opponents, but the videos created outrage in the anti-abortion community and galvanized conservative members of Congress. The result? The real possibility of cutting taxpayer dollars that go to Planned Parenthood. Eliminating 41 percent of its 1.3 billion annual budget. What would defunding Planned Parenthood have done to this organization?

The journalist should be commended for at least asking a few tough questions. She referred to Planned Parenthood as “controversial” and pressed about the hidden footage: “Did they, even if they were edited in your view, expose a side of Planned Parenthood that needed exposing?”

But, overall, the interview tilted towards sympathy for Richards. That shouldn’t be surprising as Couric in 2008 won an award from the pro-abortion National Organization for Women. Life News recounted how Couric’s pro-abortion lobbying accidentally was exposed on television:

The CBS News anchor had been able to keep her abortion advocacy a secret until actress Whoopi Goldberg accidentally exposed her in a September 1997 interview.

Goldberg embarrassed Couric by mentioning the then-NBC host’s participation in a pro-abortion march.

During the interview, Couric asked about Goldberg’s book and why she would write on the topic of “choice” – meaning abortion.

“Well because, you know, when you get out there and you march, because we’ve marched together,” Goldberg said.

Couric, feigning ignorance, and retorted, “Nooo. I’m not allowed to do that.”

Goldberg, playing along, with tongue firmly implanted in cheek as she stared upward, “Oh, no that’s right. We have not marched together. It was somebody that looked like you.”

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