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Ronaldo: The Soccer Superstar who was almost aborted

by | Nov 5, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

renaldo3reOur family loves just about all sports, but soccer occupies first place in our hearts.

Some of our NRL News Today readers may remember that last year we posted a story about the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo (arguably the best player in the world) who had written a “tell all” autobiography in which Dolores Aveiro explained that she’d tried to abort her now world-famous son.

That fact comes out in a softer version in stories in advance of a new documentary about the Portuguese superstar which will be released worldwide November 9.

Near the end of the 92-minute movie, we’re told by the Daily Mail’s Riath Al-Samarrai , there is a scene with Aveiro in which she says to the camera

“I wanted to have an abortion but God did not want that to happen… Cristiano was an unwanted baby but he’s given me so much joy.”

Ronaldo is a fascinating man on many levels. The movie follows him over the course of14 months and the movie, by all accounts, captures the superstar’s combination of endless vanity, vulnerabilities, and devotion to his son and mother that makes him the charismatic superstar that he is. (Ronaldo has never revealed who is the mother of his five-year-old son,)

In July 2014 when we wrote about Dolores Aveiro’s book, “Mother Courage,” we were only a week out from the FIFA World Cup, an international event watched worldwide by hundreds of millions of people. The book had just been released in Portugal but the ‘teaser’ was she’d tried to abort Ronaldo.

Details were sketchy in the brief stories I read about “Mother Courage,” but after a doctor refused to abort the child, Aveiro said she tried a “home recipe.”

“I wanted to abort but the doctor didn’t support my decision,” she says in the book. “She went on to explain she drank warm ale and ‘ran till she dropped,’ without achieving her aim,” the Daily Mail’s Steve Hopkins reported.

According to The Independent newspaper, Ronaldo cited work commitments as the reason he was not at the official launching of “Mother Courage” last year. Aveiro

“says that the football star already knew of the attempted abortion and the pair are able to light-heartedly reflect on the past.

“’He told me when he found out, ‘Look mum, you wanted to abort and now I’m the one who’s pulling the purse-strings in the house.’”

The Daily Mail ends its review of “Ronaldo” with this evaluation:

Those moments add up to a unique look at a modern great of football, who nearly never was. To Ronaldo’s preening satisfaction, his mother made a different decision.

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