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What does an abortion ‘spa’ and more abortion clinic closures have in common?

by | Nov 6, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Ulrich Klopfer  (WSBT photo // Jade Birch)

Ulrich Klopfer
(WSBT photo // Jade Birch)

At the end of today, itinerant (and notorious) abortionist Ulrich Klopfer will no longer ply his grisly trade in Indiana. That is important in and of itself and for what is says about something larger.

Elsewhere today, we write about Carafem, a Maryland abortion clinic located just outside the boundaries of our nation’s capital. Its mission is to “normalize” abortion.

As Melissa Grant, Carafem’sVP, told WMAU radio, the “approachable attitude toward abortion” that people see in the ads the abortion clinic run on the metro extends to the clinic atmosphere. Carafem is designed to be a “de-medicalized” space that encourages comfort and open conversation.

carafem30re“The thing that makes us different in that way is simply looking for things like not using harsh chemical smells and trying to make sure that the atmosphere smells pretty, looks comfortable, we have couches instead of hard backed chairs in some areas. We offer our clients something warm to drink,” she said.

Carafem will kill your kid using toxic chemicals but no “harsh chemical smells” in the waiting room. You can’t make this stuff up.

But, for now, back to Klopfer.

As much as the Abortion Industry denies it, Klopfer is more the norm than people know. He’s been in and out of hot water for years.

Once he operated three abortion clinics in Indiana—Gary, Ft. Wayne, and South Bend. Last June, as NRL News Today reported the Indiana State Department of Health said it would not renew his license to operate a facility in South Bend (he’d already given up the other two). The ISDH found multiple safety and health issues.

On Thursday, Klopfer finally dropped his appeal and today is his last day operating his South Bend abortion clinic. But he is not the only one of his ilk.

Abortionist Naresh G. Patel

Abortionist Naresh G. Patel

Just two weeks ago we reported that Oklahoma abortionist Naresh G. Patel, as part of a plea bargain, plead guilty to fraud. He’d provided chemical abortifacents to three female undercover investigators who were posing as patients.

Patel told a judge in writing that he told the three women “that as a medical doctor it was my opinion that each patient was … pregnant when in fact the patients were not pregnant.”

Why? For money– he admitting selling them the abortifacient drug RU-486 for $620 each. In fact the 62-year-old Patel had done far, far worse, as we reported.

Abortionist Steven Brigham Star-Ledger Photo | TONY KURDZU

Abortionist Steven Brigham
Star-Ledger Photo | TONY KURDZU

The point is simple. Carafem would have you believe it is face of the abortion industry. In reality, the likes of Patel and Klopfer and New Jersey abortionist Steven Bringham, and Michigan abortionist Michael Roth confirm that Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell was hardly an “outlier.”

That is the myth the Abortion Industry peddles. It is the distortion of the truth that we must expose, day in and day out.

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