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Why National Right to Life always has and always will condemn violence in the strongest possible terms

by | Nov 30, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

PPFA40By the time you read this post, Robert Lewis Dear, the gunman accused of killing three people and wounding nine at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, may have already appeared in court by video link from jail.

There is very little known about the 57-year-old man, including his motive, so it is very dicey to impute an “explanation” to such savagery. All we know is that he has a history of–to put it mildly–strange behavior including allegations of “peeping tomism” and animal cruelty.

From the perspective of National Right to Life, here are five considerations we suspect will be underreported by a media determined to link Dear to the pro-life movement.

#1. There never has been, is, or will ever be any qualification to NRLC’s denunciation of violence, never any hesitancy. We’ve never said, “We condemn but…” No responsible pro-life organization would.

We work day and night to save the lives of unborn babies.  Killing–murdering–people is antithetical to everything we believe in.  It takes lives, tears apart families, and is eagerly used by those whose
#1 objective is always to shift the focus from what takes place inside abortion clinics.

#2. Our hearts go out to the victims and the victims’ families. I have lost a family member very recently, not from violence, but from natural causes, as I am sure many of you have. The pain is sometimes almost too much to bear.

#3. Dear gave a long interview to police in which, reportedly, he “used the phrase ‘no more baby parts’ to explain his actions, according to a law enforcement official,” the Post reported. That official has not been identified. Moreover Dear talked about a great deal else, which is why local police are very reluctant to speculate why he killed a police officer, a 36-year-old mother, and a 29-year-old father/Iraq War veteran, and wounded nine others.

What about abortion? “His former wife, in fact, stated that abortion was ‘never really a topic of discussion,’ in their household,” as Jon Shields wrote in this morning’s Washington Post. Deal is the classic loner.

As many have noted, Garrett Swasey, the officer killed, “was a pro-life Christian who died attempting to defend people he disagreed with on the issue of abortion,” as (for example) Ben Domenech observed.

But note: whether he had been with us or completely against us, Mr. Swasey’s murder–and the murders of the two other people and the nine wounded–would be horribly, unequivocally wrong. Violence is wrong in and of itself and must be condemned wholeheartedly–as it has been by NRLC and all other leading pro-life organizations.

#4. We live in a time when free speech isn’t so free any more. Pro-lifers are familiar with being shouted down and excluded. Far less controversial issues than abortions are no longer debated in places like many college campuses. Or, to be more accurate, pro-abortion advocacy is expounded while the “other side”–us–is given short shrift or no shrift at all.

These murders will be fodder to the Planned Parenthood/National Abortion Federations of this world who will attempt to use them as justification to shut down investigations into PPFA’s various and sundry dealings and to squelch criticism of the largest abortion provider in the United States, and, likely, the world. And

#5. As the case unfolds, regardless of what the evidence reveals–or fails to reveal–advocates for abortion will attempt to tie the tragedy in Colorado Springs to pro-lifers every which way but up. And with a presidential election coming up, a connection to Republicans will be actively promoted by the “mainstream media,” particularly the networks.

Here’s the lead to “Nets Hit GOP Guests with Charges of ‘Hateful Rhetoric’ by Abortion Opponents,” a post written at by Brad Wilmouth:

On all three broadcast network Sunday talk shows, hosts pressed some of their GOP guests by forwarding a quote from Planned Parenthood complaining that “hateful rhetoric” from abortion opponents had contributed to the shooting attack on Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountain in Colorado.

NBC’s Chuck Todd on Meet the Press notably managed [to say the] words “hateful rhetoric” three times and “heated rhetoric” once as he repeatedly brought up Planned Parenthood’s complaints about being criticized by the pro-life movement for selling baby parts.

The point? Pro-lifers and/or pro-life Republicans are somehow to “blame” and they should thus give PPFA a free pass now and forever.

No, that is not true. And no, we won’t stop exposing the truth PPFA works so hide to disguise.

Again, our deepest sympathies go out to the families of the three people killed and the nine wounded.

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