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A day to Give Life to the innocent

by | Dec 1, 2015

unbornbaby25Today is Giving Tuesday, a day when America’s idealism is expressed in gifts to make others’ lives better. I hope you will join us to make it a day that gives life to the innocent.

Giving Tuesday is a day where Americans follow up the blessings of Thanksgiving Day, and then some shopping days, by examining what they can do to make a real difference in our world.

Today we ask you to specifically make the world better for the life of an unborn child – a child who might live because of our work that you support.

Little we ever do will be more profound than that.

This is an especially important time for the cause of the unborn. We are passing laws in the states to ban late abortions when the unborn baby can feel pain. We are passing laws to ban dismemberment abortions. We are driving abortion numbers down significantly in almost every state.

But great challenges lie just ahead. The next president will determine who sits on the Supreme Court and other federal courts – where unfortunately, so much abortion policy comes for a final decision. It is critical that citizens understand just where the candidates stand on the life issues, and no group does more of this kind of citizen education than National Right to Life.

In a democracy like ours, that is a vital, but expensive, function when it has to be done nationwide. Another vital function is the information we can bring to all the state legislatures that begin convening next month. We have an ambitious plan to pass protective legislation – laws that actually prevent abortions – but we need your help to accomplish that!

All of these programs, and the many more we have at National Right to Life, save countless lives. On this Giving Tuesday, can you help save an unborn baby’s life with a generous contribution of $500, $250, or $100?

Any gift – $50, $35, $25 – can help us build a pro-life America!

Our success in saving lives truly does depend on the support you and other pro-life Americans can give. It can make an enormous difference in the life of every unborn baby whose life you can help us save.

Please share this message with a friend today, and thank you for anything you can do on this Giving Tuesday to give life to the unborn!

carol-tobias-sigpiclar-donate-shCarol Tobias,
National Right to Life President

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