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“My moment of clarity– I had to be patient and wait and see what God had in store for us”

by | Dec 21, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Aleisa Yusko

Aleisa Yusko

The Cincinnati Enquirer is hardly a hotbed of pro-life sympathy. So I have been, if not shocked, pleasantly surprised by the abortion accounts of six women published in the paper.

We’ve talked about two—Brittany Davis and Meg Perez.

Today we address a third in the series “Abortion: The most important decision of her life–How six women, who each considered abortion, made their decision.” As was the case with the first two, there are amazing twists and turns for Aleisa Yusko.

Pregnant with her third child in 2012, Yusko’s ultrasounds revealed increasing evidences of serious fetal anomalies. “Amniocentesis when Yusko was 24 weeks pregnant delivered results worse than anything she expected: Their baby had three copies of the 18th chromosome,” wrote Liz Dufour. “Nearly all trisomy 18 pregnancies result in a miscarriage, stillbirth or in the death of the infant within the first month.”

“The world just dropped out from under me,” Yusko said. She was alone at home when she took the call. She

“fell to the floor, screaming. She called her husband, then sat at the end of her Hebron driveway in the January cold and waited for him to rush home. He parked the car in the cul-de-sac and they stood in the driveway, weeping and holding each other.”

According to DuFour, Yusko’s doctor subsequently told her most women chose to abort under these conditions but at the time told her the decision went “50-50” so as not to sway her decision.

The decision was hers, her husband told her. According to DuFour, Yusko,

initially thought, ‘Why prolong the inevitable? Why not just get this over with? This isn’t fair to us. This isn’t fair to my other children to have to go through something like this.’ “

Then, Yusko talked with a friend. ‘She brought up the point: ‘We’re all going to die at some point. What gives you the right to pull the trigger?’ That was my moment of clarity that I had to be patient and wait and see what God had in store for us.”

They wanted just one thing: that Nora Rose would survive until birth and then have a little while with her family.

This is such a powerful account, I do not want to give away the ending. What makes Yukos’s story so compelling is that it has so many incredible ups and downs, challenges and temporary successes we are drawn in, perhaps deeper than we might have wanted.

Please go to to read her story. You can watch her video interview at the same URL.

As exceptional as the DuFour’s story is, Yusko’s testimony is positively riveting.

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