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One last chance for a baby’s life

by | Dec 10, 2015

unbornbaby25A baby headed for abortion. Alive and growing in his mother’s womb, but unaware of the threat he faces.

Unaware that an entire abortion industry exists to kill him.

Unaware that seven Supreme Court judges sworn to uphold the law arbitrarily changed the Constitution 42 years ago so he could be killed.

But also unaware that amazing people like you exist who can save him.

One of those amazing people is someone just like you and me. A man who cares deeply about every baby threatened by abortion, so for years, he ran a local chapter of one of our state Right to Life affiliates.

Many pro-life heroes toil in the vineyards for years and years and never know for certain if their efforts saved a life. But in their hearts, they know they must have. After all, there are 600,000 fewer abortions each year in America than there were 25 years ago. One study says 10 million lives have been saved by our movement since abortion was legalized.

So our pro-life chapter leader probably saved many, many children over the years, but just didn’t know it.

Then one day, as he was volunteering handing out pro-life information at a booth at his county fair, a woman approached pushing a stroller. He didn’t remember seeing her before.

But he had.

When he was finished helping some other people in front of her, the woman greeted him. “You might not remember me,” she said, “but I want to thank you.”

Not knowing what she meant, he listened further. “You and I talked last year at this same fair,” she said. “I didn’t tell you then, but I was pregnant and was going to have an abortion. I happened to come by your booth here and saw your models of the unborn babies, read some of your materials. You answered every question I had and gave me a lot to think about.

“And I want to thank you for your patience and the understandable way you described the development of the unborn life that you didn’t know was inside of me, because when I left, I knew I couldn’t abort my baby. But,” she added, turning to point to the little baby boy wriggling in the stroller, “most of all, I want to thank you for convincing me to have him, and for saving his life.”

That’s what National Right to Life and our thousands of volunteers do day in and day out. We reach out to those in need. We give them the facts the abortion clinics deny them. We save lives.

When you contribute to our educational work, you are saving those lives every bit as much as the volunteer on the line. Because without your support, he or she wouldn’t have the baby models, the factual pro-life literature, the invaluable information available at a touch on our web sites.

Sometimes what we provide is that one last chance for a baby before the abortion clinic. And in the next two days, you’ll have one last chance of your own.

Over the next two days, you can contribute to the life-saving educational work of the National Right to Life Educational Foundation and still receive a tax deduction for 2015. You can give by calling the National Right to Life Development Office at 202-626-8813, or donate online by clicking here or below. 

Contributing any time until midnight Thursday night will not only help us save more precious babies and save many women from a lifetime of regret, but it will be fully tax-deductible for you when you file your taxes for 2015.

Every gift, every dollar, helps us fight the deception and distortions women face in abortion mills.  Like the chapter volunteer whose caring saved a life that he got to meet in person, your generosity can save the life of a child.

Please help.


carol-tobias-sigpicCarol Tobias,
National Right to Life President

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