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Set to abort, mother who changed her mind says without her son, “I wouldn’t have had a purpose yet”

by | Dec 17, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Brittany Davis

Brittany Davis

When a newspaper professes to profile the abortion experiences of women, pro-lifers can be forgiven if we are suspicious that there will not be an account of a woman who changed her mind–and is glad she did.

The series of six stories in the Cincinnati Enquirer is headlined “Abortion: The most important decision of her life–How six women, who each considered abortion, made their decision.”  (See our second in the series story here.)

Today we will talk about two separate stories in two separate posts. Let’s firsts talk about Brittany Davis, whose story is told by the Enquirer’s Liz Dufour.

In some ways, Ms. Davis is not all that different from many women. She was, as she told Dufour, in “a really, really dark spot.” She’d been in jail for ten days because of drunk driving–and it was during the intake process that she learned she was pregnant.

“I was in between jobs. I was broke. It was terrible.”

She’d known the baby’s father– “a friend with whom she hung out daily–and never imagined she was pregnant. As these things tend to go so often, with the father’s “support” she scheduled the first of two appointments at the Women’s Med clinic in Sharonville, Ohio.


Only when Ms. Davis drove to the abortion clinic, she went into the “wrong” place– the parking lot of Women’s Center. It’s right across the street from the Women’s Med clinic , “with a prominent sign advertising ‘FREE Pregnancy Tests, FREE Ultrasounds, Walk-Ins Welcome.’”

You truly will want to read the entire story (which is actually very brief). But when the receptionist asked, “Are you trying to have an abortion? I don’t think you want to do that” Davis realized, “I kind of really didn’t want to do it, but everything just seemed to be going wrong.”

With the help of the folks at Women’s Center, Davis turned her life around–completely around. Then, as Dufour writes,

On March 22, Davis delivered Liam Carter via a cesarean section. She wept when she heard him cry.

Mom and son now live in place called Springfield Township, Ohio. Dufour finishes her story with a lesson that pro-lifers have been teaching for over 40 years:

Without Liam, 31-year-old Stenson said, “I wouldn’t have had a purpose yet. Still would have been looking for myself.”

“I didn’t realize that he would really save my life like that,” Davis said. “I didn’t realize beforehand that being a mom was actually going to be rewarding, even though it’s work.”

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