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Tennessee baby survives mother’s failed abortion by coat hanger, woman charged with first-degree attempted murder

by | Dec 14, 2015

By Dave Andrusko



31-year-old Anna Yocca has been charged with first-degree attempted murder for trying to self-abort using a coat-hanger that left her 24-week-old baby grievously injured for life. The baby boy weighed only 1.5 pounds at birth, which took place in September.

According to Murfreesboro Post’s Sam Stockard

Even though the baby survived the trauma, physicians said the boy’s quality of life “will be forever harmed.” He will need a medically-experienced foster parent, remain on oxygen and take medication daily because of problems with his eyes, lungs and heart stemming from damage caused by the coat hanger. Medical staff also said other physical problems will arise when the child grows older.

Last December the Rutherford County grand jury issued an indictment on the attempted murder charge. Detective Tommy Roberts arrested Yocca Wednesday at Juvenile Court, Stockard reported [].

Newschannel 5 reported that Yocca allegedly filled a bathtub with a few inches of water then used a coat hanger to attempt the abortion. “That’s when officials said the amount of blood alarmed her, and her boyfriend took her to the emergency room at St. Thomas Rutherford hospital.”  “From there, she was transported to St. Thomas Mid-Town in Nashville where staff members saved ‘Baby Yocca.’”

“The whole time she was concerned for her health, her safety and never gave any attention to the health and safety to the unborn child,” Sergeant Kyle Evans told reporters.

According to Detective Roberts, the nurses and doctors he interviewed indicated Yocca made “disturbing statements” about the baby and wanting to terminate her pregnancy with the coat hanger at about 24 weeks,” Stockard reported.

The pro-abortion Think Progress reported “There is no abortion clinic in Yocca’s town of Murfreesboro, TN, so she would have had to drive the 45 minutes to Nashville for a legal procedure. And, even then, she’d have to jump through the state’s stringent legal hoops to see it through.”

45 minutes.

And “stringent legal hoops” that include an informed consent measure that provides for a 48-hour waiting period for women and girls seeking an abortion after meeting with the abortionist.”

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