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TV show featuring people with Down Syndrome premieres tonight

by | Dec 8, 2015

Editor’s note. This appeared on the Secular Pro-Life Blog and is reprinted with permission.

bornthiswaycastTonight at 10pm Eastern (9pm Central), the new reality series Born This Way premieres on A&E. The show features seven young adults with Down syndrome: Elena, Megan, Steven, Sean, Rachel, Cristina, and John. The series is scheduled to run for six episodes, which will cover such topics as marriage, life goals, family relationships, and limitations imposed by society.

People with Down syndrome have enjoyed an increased presence in popular media over the last few years, from Glee to Where Hope Grows, but remain under-represented. Negative perceptions of Down syndrome continue to dominate, and as a result, up to 90% of people diagnosed with Down syndrome prenatally are killed in abortions.

We can do our part by showing media influencers that positive portrayals of Down syndrome will attract an audience. So watch tonight, and every Tuesday night! And if you have thoughts to share, post them to our facebook page. We may feature your comments in a future review.

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