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Unborn baby miraculously survives horrific hit-and-run car crash

by | Dec 15, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Jennifer's car after the hit-and-run crash

Jennifer’s car after the hit-and-run crash

If you looked at the pictures of the massive bruises on Jennifer Hockley’s very pregnant stomach, you would never guess her baby had survived a hit-and-run collision.

Even less so if you glanced at the pictures of her heavily damaged Volkswagen Polo which she was driving on her way home from work on August 20 when she was hit head-on. She was seven months pregnant at the time, and already the mother of 18-month-old Emily.

But although Jennifer suffered severe bruising on her neck and stomach, miraculously she gave birth to Riley, a healthy baby boy, last month.


According to The Mirror’s Tom Evan, following the crash Ms. Hockley was rushed to Milton Keynes hospital. “Although she was told the baby’s heartbeat sounded normal, she still feared something could be wrong with the baby’s health.” Thankfully, that was not the case.

Jennifer was left with severe brushes on her stomach

Jennifer was left with severe brushes on her stomach

But what about the other driver? Evan says he has not been identified. But consider what Ms. Hockley had to say.

She told The Mirror that when she stumbled out of the car, the man recognized that she was pregnant “but rather than helping her, he skidded into reverse and sped off.”

And she was in bad shape. “I was in so much pain,” she told Evan.

“My first thought was for the baby. I was absolutely terrified I’d lose the baby and when I saw the bruising I nearly broke down.

“When the cars hit I thought it was all over – I thought my car would flip and that I’d be killed but I managed to stagger out and get a look at the driver.

“I got a glimpse of him and I’m pretty sure he had children in his car but as soon as he saw me with a baby bump he just turned and sped off.”

But most significantly, Riley shows no after-effects. “I’m absolutely delighted,” Ms. Hockley said. Seeing Riley “fit and healthy is such a blessing.”

Jennifer and James are delighted Riley was born healthy

Jennifer and James are delighted Riley was born healthy

As for the driver, Ms. Hochley told Evan, “It’s absolutely disgusting that anyone could leave a heavily pregnant woman like that. We just want to catch the person responsible. Hopefully spreading the word will help catch him.”

But even though “We still don’t have a clue who was responsible ,” Ms. Hochley concluded, “Riley’s the most important thing now, we’ve got to put him first and look to move on.”

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