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What is at stake in 2016

by | Dec 17, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Ilyse G. Hogue,  president,NARAL Pro-Choice America

Ilyse G. Hogue, president,NARAL Pro-Choice America

Say goodbye next year to Roe v. Wade? A turnabout fervently to be desired, even if that prospect is used by NARAL to attempt to frighten donors to meet its latest fundraising goal.

How is the end of Roe to come about? Indirectly, according to Ilyse G. Hogue, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and (more or less) directly.

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear parts of Texas’ 2013 omnibus pro-life H.B. 2 which (Hogue tells us) will “decide whether states are allowed to effectively ban abortion by simply shutting down every abortion clinic.”

An affirmative decision would (alas) do nothing of the sort. It would require the abortion industry to adhere to basic safety considerations. That includes requiring that the abortion clinic have access to a local hospital for the inevitable complications that go with mucking around in the internal organs of women and that abortion clinics meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers.

US Supreme CourtIt would lessen the opportunities for abortionists to pay absolutely minimal attention to the safety of women.

What else will spell the end to Roe v. Wade in 2016—and more directly? “Then, voters will choose who will replace President Obama in the White House–and who will select as many as two or more Supreme Court justice,” Hogue writes.

Seemingly the next president will have the opportunity to nominate at least two replacement justices to the Supreme Court, although predicting retirements (or deaths) is always chancy.

But electing a president who understands that Roe, as modified by Casey, is still awful constitutional jurisprudence, is essential. It was an awful decision that bent, folded, and mutilated the Constitution and set the precedent for a flurry of attacks on infants born with disabilities and the medically vulnerable elderly.

And that is why our Movement will move heaven and earth next year to elect a president who respects the Constitution and appreciates that the unborn is one of us.

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