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Young girl sexually abused and then forced to abort; man sentenced to 13 years for his crimes

by | Dec 9, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Stephen O'Toole

Stephen O’Toole

This is one of those stories so awful we will keep the details to a minimum.

Stephen O’Toole is beginning a 13-year jail term after being convicted of raping and abusing an underage girl over the course of three years and then secretly taking her to a clinic to have an abortion.

“Speaking after the case, Detective Constable Nicola Graham said: ‘Stephen O’Toole was a cold, calculated, sexual predator, who dominated this young girl’s life for years with his exploitation,’” according to the Mirror’s Chris Slater. “He used her for his own gratification, and when she became pregnant as a result of his abuse he took her to the clinic to try and cover his tracks.”

The abuse finally came to light after the girl bravely told her parents. According to Slater, “The abuse, which [O’Toole] told her to keep secret, continued regularly for over three years .” The jury in Minshull Street Crown Court, which is in Manchester, England, heard that “the girl eventually considered her abuse a ‘normal relationship.’”

In addition to his jail sentence, which began Monday, O’Toole was made to sign the Sex Offender’s register for life and ordered not to have contact with any child, Slater reported.

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