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Canadian Association of Retired Persons is now a pro-euthanasia advocacy group

by | Jan 29, 2016

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Susan Eng

Susan Eng

The Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) under the leadership of Moses Znaimer, the former owner of CITY TV, has officially become an advocacy group promoting unfettered euthanasia.

According to an article by Gloria Galloway in the Globe and Mail, Susan Eng, the long-time Executive Vice President of CARP, was fired by Moses Znaimer based on her neutral position on euthanasia and assisted suicide . She was replaced by Wanda Morris, the former CEO of Dying With Dignity.

According to Galloway

The woman who has been the public face of Canada’s leading seniors organization for the past eight years says she has been dismissed by media mogul Moses Znaimer, who is also the organization’s president, because she insisted on taking a neutral approach to the emotionally charged issue of assisted dying.

Susan Eng was told on Tuesday that she was no longer needed as the executive vice-president of advocacy at CARP Canada. She then learned on Wednesday that she was being replaced by Wanda Morris, the head of Dying with Dignity Canada, which advocates for access to physician-assisted dying and against unnecessary barriers when safeguards are being imposed to protect the vulnerable.

… “The only reason he fired me was so that they can put out an official position for CARP saying that they want to insist on assisted dying on demand,” said Ms. Eng, a Toronto lawyer and former chair of the city’s police services board.

Euthanasia is not healthcareZnaimer has been promoting a radical pro-euthanasia position for some time. He has written one-sided propaganda articles urging “euthanasia on demand.” Znaimer also wrote an article misconstruing the Bentley case in British Columbia, a case that concerned the issue of whether normal feeding is medical treatment.

Many seniors are members of CARP to enjoy the travel, insurance, and other benefits that are obtained through a CARP membership. Many seniors will now not renew their CARP membership or will seek an alternative organization to attain similar benefits.

Canadian seniors need to know that purchasing a membership in CARP is actually supporting a euthanasia advocacy group.

Moses Znaimer

Moses Znaimer

The CARP media release stated:

A New Vision of Aging for Canada, Chairman, President and CEO Moses Znaimer today announced that Susan Eng has departed CARP effective immediately.

Moses has also announced that Wanda Morris has been appointed as CARP’s new Vice President of Advocacy and COO.

Most recently, Wanda was CEO of Dying With Dignity Canada (DWD Canada) where she led a strategic campaign for legislative change leading up to the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in the ground-breaking Carter v. Canada case for the right-to-die with dignity.

Dying With Dignity also changed its position while under the leadership of Wanda Morris. Historically, Dying With Dignity officially supported assisted suicide but opposed euthanasia. Dying With Dignity is now a radical supporter of euthanasia.

Last year Dying With Dignity lost its charitable status based on the fact that had become a political lobby group and their purpose ceased being charitable.

It is possible that Znaimer hired Morris because Dying With Dignity was unable to continue paying her a competitive salary.

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