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It’s Time for the Wisconsin legislature to pass the Fetal Tissue Bill

by | Jan 6, 2016

By Chelsea Shields, Legislative Director, Wisconsin Right to Life

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Chelsea Shields, Legislative Director, Wisconsin Right to Life

Chelsea Shields, Legislative Director, Wisconsin Right to Life

Wisconsin has a pro-life State Senate, State Assembly, and Governor. They have protected life before, with the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, Sonya’s Law, the Coercive and Web Cam Abortion Prevention Act, and other important pieces of pro-life legislation that were all made into law. And now, Wisconsin’s legislative majorities and governor can prohibit the sale or use of body parts of aborted unborn babies for research with AB 305/SB 260.

What our leaders in state government need right now is encouragement – maybe even a nudge – to move forward with the fetal tissue bill. The reality is, very powerful and moneyed interests who profit off of fetal tissue are pressuring our leaders to back off of a bill that honestly puts a fairly meager limit on the abortion industry, and a very reasonable ethical limit on our research industry.

While every day, unborn children are torn apart limb from limb at abortion facilities, all that the fetal tissue bill asks for is that these children’s organs are not peddled for profit. We should not add to Planned Parenthood’s profit margin by embedding the need for abortion into our research industry in Wisconsin. And our research industry can do better in a state where we know ethical alternatives to abortion-derived tissue exist.

Our leaders understand that unborn children cannot be used as a means to an end. They know we have an opportunity here in Wisconsin to lead the nation with a research industry that can truly heal without harm. And they know that we cannot incentivize abortion by fueling an unethical and so-called “need” for fetal tissue.

That’s why our legislators need a push to make sure this bill passes before this legislative session ends. We need them to stand up in caucus, to ask for a vote, and get this to the Governor’s desk. Please, give them a call, encourage them to get this fetal tissue bill done, and even come to Madison for the Rally for Life on Jan. 12th.

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