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Out-of-touch pro-abortion advocates “celebrate” abortion

by | Jan 7, 2016

By Carole Novielli

Roe-celebration8It is almost January 22, the 43rd anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, and abortion “celebrations” are being organized – with the same, old rhetoric attracting the same, old people. These celebrations by Planned Parenthood and abortion supporters are out-of-touch in a culture that is growing more pro-life every day.

In 2015, Planned Parenthood received criticism for “celebrating” abortion with their “Chili for Choice” event at a Kansas church. Other events from abortion advocates included a Taco and Beer challenge, “Rock and Roe,” and luncheons. But just months later, in the summer of 2015, video evidence from the Center for Medical Progress showed America the depths of Planned Parenthood’s and the abortion industry’s depravity – actual bodies of babies inside glass dishes, dismembered and sold for parts.

And, yet, abortion advocates celebrate.

It is hard to believe that in 2015, there are still abortion advocates who regurgitate the ignorant lie that a preborn child can be reduced to a “parasite” or “nonhuman.” (That is, unless you need that preborn child’s kidneys, liver, or brain tissue for ‘research.’) Do these abortion fans really expect modern America to “celebrate abortion” with them?

Apparently gone are the days of claiming that “no one is pro-abortion.” Nope, the Planned Parenthood abortion crowd is going to blast Twitter with the hashtag “Together for Abortion” to celebrate Roe because… they are for abortion!

Some of the ideas suggested for the Roe “celebrations” include: a major speak out, a cocktail or dinner party, a handful of friends around a kitchen table, an abortion storytelling event, an art show or concert, a crafting party, a work break, and more.

A crafting party? Okay… I have to stop there and ask – exactly what would an abortion-celebrating crafting party look like? Never mind… I probably already know.

Roe at 43

Glancing over some of the 43rd anniversary Roe Celebrations, they seem to be the same kinds of events where a handful of people will gather at a state Capitol or inside a Unitarian Church to talk about how Roe saved them from a horrible baby (oops, ‘fetus’… oops, ‘pregnancy’) and a horrible life of parenthood.

“Stand for Choice”
“Celebrate Roe”
“Break the Stigma”
“It’s Our Right”
“Shout Your Abortion”

Ro-43-Together-for-abortionWhy don’t abortion advocates just say it like it is? What are they celebrating? Maybe if we cut through all the euphemisms, we could really define what “celebrating” Roe means:

“Celebrate the dismembering of preborn children in all months of pregnancy!”

“Come and hear me talk about how I’m glad a little baby didn’t ruin my ability to be successful!”

“Stand up for excuses to end a child’s life!”

“43 years and women still die from legal abortion. Celebrate with us!”

“Celebrate women’s rights so we can turn around and deny the most basic human rights!”

“Shout the deliberate targeting of minorities with abortion!”

I know abortion advocates are desperate because they see Roe being dismantled before their eyes. But what I am seeing so far is very disappointing. If they’re happy about abortion, then they should be a little more creative. Because the truth is, their “celebrations” are becoming so predictable that even die-hard abortion opponents like myself are beginning to lose interest.

Editor’s note. This appeared at and is reprinted with permission.

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